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  1. I'm looking for a good quality fishing large but not to heavy brolley. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. Fed up with the way that the TSB treat us I would like to move Banks. Does anyone have a Bank that they can recommend?
  3. Can anyone offer a recommendation for a set of good fishing scales, not digital.
  4. “Looks good on paper but his union links bring doubt on everything.” What Union links and what is the everything that will be doubted? “Doubt on everything.” Everything what? “Miliband a leftie union stooge. Give us some examples. “Referendum please, something the reds hate.” Please explain. “He is also spouting a lot of economically suicidal leftie twaddle.” “Give us some examples. Most of the above comments appear to have been written by the “Sun” which is little better than a comic so try offering some basic analysis. Over the last twenty years the right wing lea
  5. I'm a retired HR Manager from 1993 so its a few years since I dealt with this sort of thing so I did what I would have done all those years ago only this time instead of writing or telephoning contacts I let my fingers do the walking and found several examples of Risk Assessment and took the best of them to act as a template. Vagabond wrote, "Several pages in club notebooks are now concerned with "drugs policy" "risk assessment" "health and safety policy" "liability insurance" etc etc etc" Could you offer me an example of the alcohol and drugs policy because I see no point in re-inventing
  6. The insurer of the organisation our club rents a lake from has insisted that we draft a Risk Analysis and would like to know if anyone has come across this. I have been asked to include a policy on alcohol and drugs.
  7. I'm looking for any advice on setting up a toilet at a lake because I bet there are all sorts of laws we have to follow. Something like a building site toilet. The question is how to get rid of the you know what?
  8. I did have a Garbolino landing net until the mice chewed it and so I asked Garbolino if they sold replacement nets and of course they said no. Seems a bit wasteful to buy a new landing net head when all I need is the net bit. Does anyone know if such things are sold or are we forever going to be exploited?
  9. A local angling club wants to develop a lake it rents in an attempt to encourage interest in the sport. Has anyone come across anything like this?
  10. What if one was in a club that had a large lake and a small lake that could easily be defended against Cormorants. Would it make sense to buy a load of small Carp and if so how would one grow them on. Are there any publications, books or guides to help such a club?
  11. A couple of the members of our angling club have sugested that the club should join the Angling Trust and Fish Legal. Does anyone have any opinions on this organisation?
  12. BML


    Well, over here all they want is your money but not the risk.
  13. BML


    Not a chance. I just mentioned £32,000.00 and they ran a mile.
  14. BML


    Does anyone know of an insurance broker that deals in club tropy insurance?
  15. I know that I may appear to be thick but the instructions with the FOX Rapid load PVA Bag System show everything apart from how to fit the bag to the line. Could you help?
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