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  1. Thank you all so much for your messages, Alan would have been so pleased; we as family are very touched, thank you. Marian (sister), Sonja
  2. Thanks everybody, It is a great help for me Love Sonja
  3. Thanks lads I will pass the information on. What I can't understand is why he does not buy a DVD player, they are cheap enough :confused: Cheers again Alan
  4. Sonja does mine using irfanview, we are still on the free trial issue (3 years now ) For more detailed help I would go to the technical forum or do a search on here as this topic has been well covered in the past. Good luck Alan
  5. Thats good news I am now bed ridden so Sonja is looking after our tank. 3 days ago we had visitors at feeding time and 3 new babies were spotted They are hiding on the same places that the 2 previous babies used, these places are too small for the other fish to get at the so they do have a chance. I am now on a lap top in bed so can't make it to the office to post the pics of the original 2 lots of babies. I was told that the resident fish would only allow sufficient new fish into a tank if there was enough room for them, so far this seems to be an exception to that rule The tank
  6. Hi there, this is a question from a mate of mine, I will let him tell the story. I have a region2 DVD player from JVC - How do I go about changing this to become region-free?
  7. Did the fish survive Alan
  8. Looking at the amount of fenders I agree with you and as mentioned not a rod in sight although they all seem to have life jackets on
  9. The reeldoctor did a 30 old Abu for me and Ithought he sent me back a new one by mistake until I found the old parts and a note at the bottom of the box I did post a topic on the reel with before and after pictures but Sonja is out so I cant find them I took the precaution of emailing and phoning him first just to make sure he could help me out, "no problem" Good luck
  10. Last year I had a call from a complete stranger that had read my article about Common Skate and he wanted to know more. A few calls later he (Jacques & Sylvia) came over to see some pictures and asked a load of questions as they wanted to visit Scotland and fish for Common Skate. I gave them Ronnies address and they took it from there. I have just had a call from Jacques and he told me all about his trip with Ronnie. They had some good Skate to 105lb (8 fish in total ) They were well impressed with Ronnnie, the wild life and Scotland in general. They even came back with a sun
  11. Just one other thought, Albert removes some of the inside of the mould at the hook end of the mould There are anoying times when the hook end flicks up and hangs on the main line, you get to feel when this happens after a while but the extra weight created by the extra lead cuts down on this problem by 75% at least. I will go through the papers again and hope I still have it about the car makers, it might have been some other trade but was still a megga investment in a firm in Nottingham. Alan
  12. Norrie, what I don't like about your moulds is that there is a lot of extra metal at the head end, you will see what I mean in a second or two. As the wire loops are INSIDE the mould it will be very difficult to make an exact fit for the wire. All moulds that I have seen are drilled so that the wire bend is outside the actual mould, this gives a bit of lee way for the final loops. I use wire from a roll for some of my leads, I get it from a hard ware shop, 1.3mm, 50m for a couple of quid. It easy to bend and does not rust, the make that I can get is made by SUKI international, its a k
  13. Not such good news as I expected :mad: I asked for Ventolin by name but ended up with a product called SALBUTAMOL I tried one shot and that made no difference so next day tried 2 shots and very little difference :mad: According to the instructions 2 shots at a time is the max and a total of 8 shots a day. Specialist on Tuesday so have to get it sorted, being house bound is not for me Started on the Morphine again to see if that helps. Getting fed up with this now Alan
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