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  1. thats a good idea im gonna try that! i normally take 2 pans,one for frying sausages,steak and eggs,the other for tinned spag bowl and tinned currys. if im fishing with me mates we take a barbecue and no matter what,we light it twice a day,mornings for breakfast and evenings for tea.
  2. i can understand your reasons,i wouldnt want a photo of a right minging carp either,however,i would of been chuffed with the tench as im very fond of tench fishing. i have had a very big bream once,didnt bother weighing it or getting a photo because like you i wasnt fishing for it,i wish i had now tho
  3. for me its breadflake,lobworm and slugs. ive heard of using wasp grub before,apparently a deadly bait but frogs!!!it does make sense but i would think pike would go for it as well as the eels.
  4. that's quite a challenge,best of luck with that mate,sounds good!
  5. i cant wait for the river to open,i still find the 16th june an exciting date because it means i can get down the river,the best place to fish in my opinion. i know what your saying about the old closed season but for me the river beats any other place and i cant wait to get down there.
  6. i would have to agree with that,when your by yourself you got no distractions,you can sit and read the water,think for yourself and make it happen. in my oppinion a good angler would be someone who can catch good sized specimen fish of every coarse fish,for example matt hayes,he is a very good angler an sets a good example to all anglers.
  7. books are always good for information but nothing beats getting out there and doing it,becomes second nature after time. and yes lack of carp is no good at all,i target big fish of every species i soon get fed up with fishing for the same fish all the time. but for someone to steal all the carp from this place i was on about,out of order.i went down for a good look yesterday and no signs of otter so i assume the carp have been nicked!!some of them were more than 40 years old.gutted.
  8. alright mate? i recently got back into angling again,i went straight down to a private water i know of where im one of very few people who are permited to fish there,a lovely little place where the fish grow very big,to my horror i noticed that all the carp have dissapeared!either stolen or eaten by otters,these carp were very special fish,left alone for many many years in an old trout fishery that shut down donkeys years ago.but there are still big roach and rudd in there so not all is lost. noise on the bank annoys me too,the people who make the noise never catch much and if there op
  9. i dont blame the guy for leaving her,she gives him loads of stick and he puts up with it,she wears the trousers. i wouldnt be surprised if its all another money making stunt tho!
  10. sidney


    i dont think theres any need for the amount of swearing that bloke does,he worked under marco pierre white who is a one of the worlds best,he swears alot too but not half as much as gordon ramsey does,im surprised nobodys lamped him.
  11. i always use mashed bread/corn in a feeder with a large bit of flake on the hook,i have every faith in it,and casters are always with me just in case. i dont think it makes any difference if you use fresh baked loaf or medium sliced.i always go for medium sliced no matter what im fishing for be it roach,rudd or bream they all love it.
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