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  1. Messrs Chevin and watatoad Fascinating debate about Hitchin and the river Hiz. My father in law was born and brought up on the Priory estate in Hitchin, his father was head keeper. I will be seeing him over the festive break .................... I will ask him about the river and its history. The only down side is that he is not a fisherman but he will have factual knowledge as his PhD background would demand. Ian
  2. thamesoddity You are indeed 'reaching out to one' ! About 8 years ago I instigated a new 'family tradition' where my son and I go out for a 1 hour pike match on Xmas morning. Once said sprogs had grown up (a loose term I might add) there was a lull in the morning which needed taking advantage of. We both fish so I offered to keep two of us out of the way for an hour or so before adjourning to the pub for a couple of beers before lunch. Plan or what ! The bragging rights are 'significant' and yours truly (who provides the tackle, bait, transport etc.) currently holds the yellow j
  3. As someone who has lived in Milton Keynes since errmm before it was here I can shed some light on super clean sewage treatment and 'things run off'. BTW - I will try to deal in facts and I am neither scientist or local councillor The flagship sewage treatment plant (Cotton Valley) built to process the outpourings of the Milton Keynes population originally flowed directly into the Great Ouse, as far as I know. After some teething troubles they eventually routed the outflow into the Abbey Pits (mid 70's) at Newport Pagnell (water still run by Newport Pagnell Fishing Association) with
  4. Its Pete Thomas and it is Ravioli/Clarissa .............. and it was 44lb Ian
  5. Good post, it could affect any of us. There is an interesting link off the Wikipedia website to 'Prevention' and the reference to a drug. Not sure I really understand the ramifications of taking it but worthy of futher investigation ? Especially for those waters with a track record or those infested with our 'hamster friends' .................... Ian
  6. Andrew I have been using the Armo Aqualite bivvy for 2 seasons now and it is the business. Not cheap but excellent quality and very light. It even fits my bedchair with some to spare - you will understand. I have been using it at Wingham this year, Richard has seen it. If you are interested I will bring it along to the Sept. meeting. http://www.aquaproducts.co.uk/index.php?ma...p;products_id=2 Ian
  7. I have been reviewing my 'Wingham transport options' despite using a Mk 2 Carp Porter. I just seem to need (?) too much kit these days. However, that nice Mr Carp Porter seems to have come up with some better engineered options. Worth a look. http://www.prestige-engineeringuk.co.uk/ Ian
  8. Kryston Silkworm in 10 or 12 lb (not sure which)
  9. Budgie - Thank you I guess that was my objective (LSD Vs SB) in the first place but did not want to impose my ideas without having some sort of adult debate. I believe they are one and the same and have similar behaviour patterns and, as you say, its just other variables that dictate the ultimate size. I do know people who fish for eels and they often tell me of 'accidental' captures of specimen bream and roach on double/treble lobs on large hooks and wire traces ! I do not know however if they catch both species in the same period of time. Ian
  10. Tigger - Braided hooklinks was just bite off time when hooking eels. A change to mono solved all the problems except catching them continued without having to keep retackling at unearthly times of the night. Andrew - Thank you and I hope to get down for at least 1 day of the SG fish in and meet everyone. I would not describe my method as matchman style. Just a simple in line 1.5oz lead and maggots fished straight on a hook (no hair) and the bait put out before dark. Sometimes I slept all night (quite often from memory) other times if the eels were active it was just a case of either
  11. Can I say before I add my input what a fascinating and well informed thread this is. I am a ‘Wingham newbie’ and have dutifully followed Steves ‘instructions’ to read and digest this and the Ultimate Bobbin threads. I hope I can add something to the discussion. 1) SB – I have fished a number of waters (typically gravel pits) where bream have grown to a large size. Not ‘SB’ size but in the 12 – 15lb range. I believe they grow to this size as a result (generally) of low (bream) stock density and tend to term them as Low Stock Density (LSD) excuse the pun, rather than ‘SB’. The conditions
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