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  1. It is the green version mate, and i can take pics of all the sections if you like The offer is always here if you do find the extra funds, don't hesitate to give me a message or post here
  2. Have to say... ive never used a keepnet and really dont think they are safe for fish at all. I prefer to just put the fish straight back. It was in the Angling Times either this week or last... that matches are now starting to ban the use of keepnets and they are instead getting runners to record the weight of the fish before putting them back into the water. I feel this is a much better system
  3. Thanks BUDGIE, I think my best bet is just to sell the working bits as spares, or keep them myself as spares tbh
  4. After the first ring Ive noticed aswell that the avon part of the rod has also been snapped
  5. lo guys, Ive basically got a broken John Wilson Avon Quiver rod, Its never been used, it arrived via FedEx snapped. (I think the company who sent it to me broke it before they sent it) Im just dipping my toe into the water here and wondering if anyone is interested in any of its parts as spares for themselfs? The three quiver tips are perfect condition with the little plastic protector tube. The but handle is also in perfect condition, still has the plastic cover. The 2ft extension never been used. The quiver extension again... never been used. The bits that a
  6. Hi Guys, Im the kind of person that always attracts problems like this it seems... I bought a rod off the interwebs, it arrived and one section (The but section) was snapped in half. I do not believe this was done by FedEx, because the FedEx box was in one piece. The place i ordered it from sent out a brand new one without even wanting proof mine was broken (This leads me to thinking they already knew it was broken when they sent it). Anyway ive got a new one now and its in one piece. However they didnt want the old rod back, well they didnt ask for it and FedEx wouldnt take
  7. Actually, i just realised it This can be deleted!
  8. I think they are going to send it in a plastic tube this time, which will be nice as i can use that myself when carrying the rods around
  9. Oh well this sucks, I come across a great shop on ebay who are selling the rod ive been looking for at a nice price, they send it out promptly... but FexEx some how manage to bend the transporting tube and part of the rod was snapped in half Just when i got my hopes up for some weekend fishing aswell! Oh well, the seller is swapping it for me and hopefully he can get some compensation off Fed Ex! Sorry, i just wanted to rant somewhere
  10. Thanks Mat Hillman, i am going to give the Warren a go me thinks!
  11. She wont be needing that belt anymore....
  12. Have to say, i joined the forum not long ago and it was abit slow, but now its lovely and fast, good job to the admin team!
  13. Yea ive fished the Stambridge lake a couple of years ago, it was ok but got busy on weekends with noisey people. Ive also heard about a place called The Warren in Stanford le Hope, thats meant to be a nice place!
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