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  1. No one know anything about these then ? No wonder I am finding it hard to find any info on 'tinternet
  2. http://www.wychwood-tackle.co.uk/ their carp site is being revamped apparently and relaunching in the summer? a nuisance cos i want to find info on their brolly systems
  3. Hi i'm new here and I have tried a search but cannot find any info. Have also googled and found little info either. Basically I am looking at brolly shelters, Iw as considering the Daiwa Mission overnighter, but have seen the Wychwood Maximiser Complete Brolly system for £89.99 and although costs a little more seems to offer more as has extra zip-in panels to turn it into a mini bivvy. What I would like to know is has anyone got/used one of these or know anyone that has and can say if they are any good or not, good points and bad points. Whilst googling I have also come across th
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