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  1. For what use my opinion is pike have been coming out in multiple catches over the north essex area , suffolk and the fens since it warmed up. John
  2. Sorry Ken I seem to have missed several posts there on page 2. You are right very similar and you seemed to have had the same experience as I have with their effectiveness. John
  3. Thanks for all the interesting replies. For my stillwater perching that seems to have got me so interested this year I have switched to the Colin Dyson rig fully and have upped my rods slightly to set the hooks. I have also found some very good Drennan drop shotting hooks in size 2 that are both quite fine and absolutely ideal for hooking lives in front of the dorsal fin. I have now increased my hook up rate and each time the hook has been nicely in the mouth of the perch rather than deep down where the mouth of the bait is. Many thanks John
  4. Hi all I have been concentrating on perch fishing the last few weeks and intend to continue possibly throughout the winter. I have caught many perch to 3lbs 14 and had 6 3blers in one day but on a water that worms works well with little problems from unwanted fish. The water I am concentrating on at present seems to be a livebait water as there are many small perch and the lob catch rate is littered with small fish. I have now caught several decent perch on the lives but am also losing a number where I am not getting a hook hold. I have been using a top lip hook position but on ins
  5. Vas I normally don't post here much these days as when I do it normally gets ignored as I assume I know little of value. However I fish a lot at night for bream on still waters and rivers and also a lot of day river sessions too. Strangely the river bream often do not feed all the dark hours but wake up just before first light and feed strongly until about 6.30. It varies a little if its a very dull day or pouring with rain and even duller they will feed longer. If the river has strong flow, more than normal, and extra colour they may feed all day. If I am not fishing overnight I a
  6. Up to 40 yards I much prefer conventional running ledger rigs on stillwaters. I call it fishing as opposed to trapping with bolt rigs. However at distance on big waters I swap to a helicopter style because of its tangle free nature.
  7. strange the match results havent been as good this year. ,
  8. Hi Terry Spring is my favourite time but have had many great sessions in October. They are starting to put on weight for winter and will feed night times really well. However this year everything is a bit behind. The usual carp big hit hasn't happened yet and I reckon bream will be on it well in to November. If you are on ouse valley pits you will not be far from me. Good luck John
  9. Not Martham end of the thurne through to potter heigham its not according to match results and anglers on the bank.
  10. The Stour is a difficult river Matt. I have spent last 2 days on a boat looking at some deep but very clear stretches without seeing a fish. The only stretches that seem to hold numbers of fish are the town stretches within Sudbury that do not get affected by the huge onslaught of cormorants through out the winter. The Laa stretches are very patchy although I have had a few pike over last winter. Ten Mile bank is a better prospect on the Laa ticket although if you still want help on the stour I will tell you up to date info, John
  11. Matt I have been an LAA fisheries officer for the suffolk stour stretches and Glemsford pits for many years. I also run the Sudbury and Long Melford club with my colleagues. I am very familiar with the stour from haverhill to Bures and a bit beyond. The Laa also have a great bit of river at littleport. John
  12. Early season I would be up at daybreak. Thats early. Or night fish it for the bigger specimens. In a flood or high flow with plenty of colour they will feed daytime and on overcast days you have more of a chance. John
  13. I do as Anderoo does with his bag but will use a waterproof thermal cover in winter or cold nights that hangs over the bag and stops draughts. It just lays on top attached to one side of bed so no restriction. As for bivvy I have never zipped myself in summer or winter. Crash zips vary in quality but good ones allow you to grab material and pull apart rather than having to find the zip bit. John
  14. Being on the water for those misty dawns in spring is exactly why I joined the carp brigade in sleeping on the water in a bivvy. The pressure to get to a water , prepare to fish, get bait in etc all before dawn at 4am was just too much. I started several years ago and now enjoy my spring fishing so much more. Of course being there the night before allows you to see the water as dark falls and light arrives. The 2 most important times to watch a water. Obviously with the night being short then sleep can be a problem hence when bivvied up you can snooze during daylight hours. Jo
  15. Matt the unhooking cradle I linked too makes no difference to pike unhooking at all. The sides on most of those are very soft and you neal astride the fish as usual as the sides collapse under your legs. Obviously the steel framed off the ground type would be useless. john
  16. Matt I went over to a crib type a year or so a go for tench bream etc and have been very pleased with it over a standard mat. If fishing on a slight slope the fish dont slip off and if its a low soft sided one unhooking pike is no problem as you neal on it as normal. the advantage is on the rare occasion you get 2 takes you can cover the fish in the crib by pulling top over for a few seconds and keeping it safe. It also helps if you want a selftake. Throw water over it in crib and setup camera whilst fish is covered and canno slip off as in a mat set up. I chuck my landing net we
  17. Reading this Anderoo its similar to where I am fishing when targetting the gravel pits. I have done best at the bottom of the bars so far but weed growth has now filled those areas. we all know bream like clear areas to feed. Have you done well at wingham on top of bars. These on the water I am fishing are 10ft deep with the areas around them 15. They are clear clean gravel. John
  18. in fairness to everyone fishing Wingham. I was late starting this weekend and didn't get there until saturday lunch time and fished till 3pm today. I had 3 liners / missed runs in the night and nothing else. A big blank. Last weekend was fantastic with gale force winds and very overcast/rain. Who likes fishing in the sunny weather. Not me for sure. John
  19. umm bit of research and not many anglers due to its difficulty. There are 8 lakes ravaged by cormorants so few smaller fish but they grow big. Been a slog when I was blanking and friends catching but come good in the end. It may have some big roach pike eels aswell . An interesting set of lakes with the one I am concentrating on about 40 acres and similar looking to wingham. Very few swims. About 15 and only a few carp anglers on it. Most I have seen have been 10 but often 3 and me. John
  20. really wanted to come to Wingham but joined a new water that was being difficult until in the last 2 weeks these came along. 8.10 9.3 10.4 A lovely perch one of several this being the best at 3.12 And my PB tench of 9.10 Many more quality perch and tench caught also over the last 3 weekends. Before that many many hours blanking on this water. All pics are self takes. John
  21. personally I use casters, maggots red either dead or live and hemp. Hemp needs to be pva friendly. Pva friendly hemp is available in tubs ready done and because its cooked in salt it lasts for ages once opened so actually quite economical and easy to move in its own resealable tub. When using the ebay cheaper pva the maggots do start to escape as you set it all up but thats not a problem. I normally put a bit of hemp in first then the live maggots and then a bit more hemp, Good thing with red maggots , both where I am fishing and wingham, is perch love them too. At the end of my mai
  22. Deep weedy gravel pits are certainly a learning curve. The complex I am fishing at present has 9 lakes and several over 40 acres. They have bars allover the place much like wingham as this is the way they excavated such things. Bars also are so different. Shallow ones that are just a foot less than the deeper troughs are just shallow plateaus that most fish visit but those that rise up, say 5ft in 10 ft deep water or deeper are more like islands we cannot see. The shallow ones I have caught many species from but the bigger bars I have only really caught from the troughs either side. I
  23. Since the banning of the last weed killer allowed in waterways its amazing how much weed is now in many stillwaters. I dont think anyone quite realised how much was being used and depended apon. Since weed growth has increased I have very rarely used anything less than 10lb mainline. The weed has many bad things about it but on the positive side it makes fish visibility less so near margin swims are better than they were and heavy mainline is not seen. Hooking the tench of a lifetime it would be awfully disappointing to lose it due to inadequate tackle. From my little experience a
  24. Roach and bream heaven mate as long as you can cope with the heavy flows. Tackle up right and you will have some fantastic catches. John
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