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    supporting the spurs/fishing/having a few pints in the pub.
  1. can anyone tell me plz why i cant send a private message to anyone or view anyones profile the site wont let me.
  2. john39


    i live in south london but i'm from north london.
  3. john39


    hello all is there anyone from london who is genuine like myself who can teach me how to make pole rigs and some basic advice someone i can go fishing with i dont drive but will pay petrol bill i would be very gratefull cheers all.
  4. hello budgie i'm from charlton south london.
  5. hello all i'm john from london i want to learn how to tie knots tying up hooks and how to make pole rigs etc i dont know the basics i've got all the gear pole rods seat box etc i would love to one day get into match fishing i know i'm miles away from doing that but if i could meet someone that could educate me on stuff on the bank i would be gratefull i dont drive but the mrs will drop me anywhere cheers all.
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