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  1. doesnt seem "tongue in cheek" at all to me. Just the ramblings (again...) of someone who belives they are far more intelligent than they are and just comes across as terribly offensive ALL the time. This forum has turned into a massive wind up. Every post ends up turning into stupid arguments. Signing offf.....sean
  2. you dont half chat some narrow minded bullshit you...
  3. Pix, im in the shooting industry mate, theres as much quality green, brown and olive coloured waterproof clothing than camo....and the camo stuff tends to be cheaper. The Jack Pyke stuff that most wear is some of the cheapest gear on the market, and its pretty good. If you want some decent, affordable gear have a look at Deer Hunter or Sherwood stuff. Ive seen a fox run right up to a guy squeaking when he was dressed in realtree, only turned when the shooter cocked the rifle, and they were only stood against the hedge line. It is very effective, and only those who havent used it properl
  4. do big bream fight at all or do they just flop over and give up like smaller fish? Thats why i have no attraction no matter the size. Could be a 20lb'er but its no fun without fight!
  5. for the discerning carper nothing can beat Mossy Oak: Duck Blind camo!
  6. it confused me for 2 mins and i got bored...
  7. you used the wrong font style for your text, its not very dramatic! jus sayin...
  8. Bob Nudd is funny as hell as well. I remember sitting in the front row at a small fishing show whilst him and John Wilson were giving a talk and i was ****ing myself. He's good at making sound effects witha mic as well haha
  9. the carp thing slows reeeeet down round here but the piking picks up which is nice and theres some nice day ticket piking i discovered last year, roll on week off next week! Something strange, i struggle to find Chub in the winter, although i know their there. The Grayling takes over though and they provide me with a nice reward on a cold sunday afternoon!
  10. nice of the usally scathing daily mail to trivialise and make a joke out of this awful situation.... although thinking about it, they could actually be serious about the gavin henson thing, quick as they are to jump to conclusion!
  11. So we should just abandon these kids to their own devices and let them ruin their lives before they've even begun, thats what your all saying yeah? You lot dont half talk some elitist bullshit sometimes.... A lot of the kids in the riots weren't horrible, snarling thugs hell bent on anarchy, they were stupid, bored kids in the school holidays that got caught up in the excitment. Of course something can be done for them, something has to be done or our **** country just gets worse...
  12. lots and lots and errr lots of weed.
  13. not caught on a certain pond in 20 sessions as of last night. When i finally get a fish in the net the whole sordid story will be revealed but at the moment i am keeping quiet. Its a personal mission thats turned into quite a bad obsession, but like i say, i will reveal all when its over. this isnt to say i havent caught recently!
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