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  1. Tigger

    7lb cat

    Beats me why people who catch these invasive species release them! These same idiots complaine about our indiginoius predators because they eat fish, calling for culls of them, and yet promote the introduction of wels catfish which are capable of decimating our waterways.
  2. I think feed, hookbaites etc depends on the water infront of you, still water or running etc, and of course the method of fishing your going to be using. Personally if fishing for roach in a river i tend to stick to using my hookbaits as attractant and feed pretty much every trott or two. If legering I often use brown crumb as a binder squeezed tightly in order to keep my other particles together until they reach the deck. I am of the opinion that roach are often sight feeders and if conditions allow you to see them, they are often darting in and out of bait as it falls throug
  3. It was right next to the farm chesters, out in the middle of nowhere, no public access. Sheep can jump a little but once in water they can't as they become waterlogged and weigh a ton. I told the farmer about it but he knew already, infact it was still there the other day . Sheep always seem to find a way to committe suicide, even in a wide open field. We used to live slap bang in the middle of fields and during the winter months the fields were full of sheep. Manys the time I would look out the window to see a sheep layed on it's back with it's legs stuck straight up in the
  4. I had a try for some barbel on the float last week but it was only 2 or 3 degrees and I blanked! The temps had risen to 9 degrees today and so I had another attempt. Anyhow I was lucky and managed three barbel this time, which to be honest I was quite happy with as the water is still very cold and i'd had enough of standing out mid river after 2 1/2 hours.
  5. There is so much pollution going on round here atm it's shocking. Even morw shocking is the EA just ignore it all despite many videos of it as it's happening, including lots of dead and dying fish amongst the pollution. The pollution is virtually on a daily basis and varies from milions of small chopped up pieces of plastic, to thick soap sudds, petrol or diesel to raw sewage and many more! The EA really are a usless organisation and only seem interested in getting their tax from anglers .
  6. At the end of the day I think it's pointless arguing over american politics, as we are living in the UK. So, maybe it would be wiser to concentrate on our own country and who we have leading it?
  7. All I can go off is what I see and hear. Just seeing the doctored videos that Bidens gang used to try and impeach Trump is more than enough to me to show they would have no qualms about rigging a vote. For that alone they should be kicked out of power....imo of course. If they can do that to the likes of a former president they can do anything to the man in the street. As I said previously....quite frightening!
  8. Trump was robbed by a fraudulant voting system, and quite blatantly! Frightening really!! Without taking any sides, and looking at the whole thing as a impartial spectator it's so obvious that there are far more people wanted to Keep trump in office.
  9. Yup, you only need look at the youtube videos and any pro trump videos have thousands of likes. Any Biden videos have a handfull of likes and many dislikes. It's quite obvious that the majority of people in America are more in favour of Trump.
  10. Round my neck of the woods there arn't many tackle shops left Elton. Of the three closest to me, one sells items at the door and is open for several hours two or three times a week (I think the owner has another shop or two elsewyhre and he's doing the same with them) the other is closed altogether and the bigger one which used to be Northwest Angling and was taken over by AD will sell things over the phone, you pay over the phone and then go and collect it at a allocated time! It's not good at all, and for what?...i'm sure shopping in any store is just as safe as shopping in a supe
  11. I had a couple of hours trotting yesterday and had a few chub.... I think this sheep had a little too much to drink, poor bastard!
  12. https://youtu.be/OjnX4IUt_eo
  13. https://youtu.be/zfJaxhA4sP8
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