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  1. Phone, yup that's the one bud :). i got it for less than half price so i'm happy :).
  2. Hello Kieth, I noticed it was rain forecast for the rest of the week so the rivers will be even higher, ok for legering but no good for trotting so I spied my chance and got out yesterday. It's thrashing down right now! The rod is the longer version of the 13 ft 6 inch sphere spliced tip rod I got a couple of months back, this one is the 15 ft 6 inches spliced model and it's the longest rod i've ever had. It was nice to use and i'm looking forward to giving it a propper test in the warmer months. The extra length did make mending the line and keeping the float in the right lane easier....not as much stretching etc.
  3. Got to the river just before 2pm today, it was up from the recent rains and the colour of a stirred up puddle of muddy water, not good! The purpose of the trip out was to try and christen a recently acquired 15tf 6inch rod. Anyhow, the rod proved to be great to use and it made mending the line and controlling the float easy. I might as well have arrived at the river at 3.38pm as that was when I caught the first of only two fish landed, the first of which was a trout. A few more trotts downstream and I hooked what I think was a chub which came off, a couple more trotts through produced the fish in the picture. At 4.05 I hooked something substantial which swam slowly upstream until level with me, but as I tried to bring it to the surface to see what it was the hook pulled out before I caught sight of it! At that point it was too dark to see the float so having christened the rod I made my way home.
  4. No problems getting bites using live maggots Martin. Funny enough i've never had any luck with dead ones, infact as soon as my maggots look stretched out and dead I replace them with fresh riggly ones, wrigglier the better. I actually prefer older maggots that i've had in and out of the fridge a few times and so have got hardened off to cold temp's so they live longer on the hook.
  5. Yeaph, tried cheese Martin, and used the slices also! Best bait on this water is maggots, bunches of 'em, and after that corn or corn maggot cocktails.
  6. Thanks Martin, I did use casters as well as magg's. For some wierd reason bread is a non starter on this water. I usually have corn but couldn't be bothered to get some out of the freezer. As I said, the chub were finnicky and it seemed they were mouthing the bait rather than sucking it in and moving away and so hooking themselves. Because of this I held the rod and watched the tip and when I thought a fish had the beit in it's mouth I struck. Anyhow, the method worked and I was hitting them at about forty yards. I used my m8s shimano antares specialst avon with the long white tips and it was a lovely rod to use for this kind'a fishing. I'd like to catch a barbel with it in the future :).
  7. I had a couple of hours using a quivertip today, just a change from trotting for once. To be honest me shoulders and neck are wreckin so that was the real reason for the change. I only fished for a couple of hours up to dusk and had about 14 or 15 chub, no big fish with them all being very much the same as the one in the pic. They were very sneaky and I had to hold the rod in my hand and actually strike to hook them! I reckon I would have had a hell of a lot of them if I had used the float.
  8. Phone, I'd like to catch one of that weight, unfortunately they don't reach those sizes in the waters I fish...."as far as I know" .
  9. Martin, I just take hooks, shot, disgorgers, scissors/snips, headlamp and a tub of maggots. Folding anding net goes on my back or in my hand with the bucket of bait and my rod and reel goes in the other hand. I don't bother with a seat or anything like that. If your on public transport you could get a multi section travel float rod from Youngs or a shakey one. The6 sell for little money on ebay.
  10. Thanks Mike, just got another rod to christen but me neck and shoulders are wreckin' me just now so the christening is on hold :(.
  11. A m8 of mine has a few hand warmers which he asked me to get him off ebay. They are metal and he fills 'em up with lighter fuel.
  12. I've thought about buying the daiwa version for about 10yrs now! They are always for sale on ebay also.
  13. I'll show you again Mike, this time you can tye one infront of me, several times :).
  14. Wot, needles and pins? Needles and PINS
  15. I've never used one of those hook tyers, I manage ok by hand. I know it's not a race but to be honest I think I can tye them much quicker by hand. Handy vid for people wanting to use a tyer Martin . I'm amazed at the comments people are posting on the other forum, claiming the spade cuts through the line, the line should go behind the spade etc.....bonkers comes to mind!
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