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  1. Phone, Blimey, it sounds cold in your neck of the woods! I've tried trotting in sub zero temps and my line kept freezing in the guides so I called it a day after 20 min's! As Martin says chub feed well all year round, although I think the last fish to stop feeding here in the uk are grayling which feed in our hardest of winters. The browning is another newbie, it's the waggler version. Reels clean already :).
  2. I had a couple of hours trotting on a dropping but mucky looking river this avvey, I did alreet and caught eleven chub, only average size but they all pulled back hard....
  3. You've lost me Martin, I have no idea what time out is/was?
  4. Hats off to Martin :).
  5. Phone, As far as I know all stallion mules/hinnys are infertile, it's the females that have produced foals when mated to either a donkey or horse.
  6. Mules do occasionally reproduce. It is on historical record. However it has always been very rare. Quick google found this. Plenty other links https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3378453
  7. Tigger

    Falling in

    I was once fishing a river in the depths of winter where the ground was frozen. I had gone across to fish a stream that flowed into the river, that was high due to the tide backing up the water. The top layer of the ground had defrosted and I slipped. Falling down the banking, hitting the water and sliding all the way up to my nipples into icy water! The awkward part was trying to climb back out up the slippy banking, rod and reel in hand. Believe it or not, somehow my rod and reel weren't wet apart from the bottom third of the cork. I, however, was shivering like a nervous fruit jelly. Once back at the car i stripped off and drove off naked and drove home bolloc'o. Another time, I was stood in the middle of a large river in the process of playing a barbel. I stepped back and sunk like a stone. I must have resembled the Statue of Liberty as I although submerged I kept my rod held up. I reckon that hole was so deep that when my feet hit the bottom there was several inches of water over my head. I was only submerged for a brief moment, as the instant my feet found bottom I pushed myself back up. I swallowed a mouthful of water, but I also l also managed to keep the barbel on my line:). Luckily for me, that it was high summer and the water felt like hot bathwater. Back on the bank I landed the fish, released it, before once more stripping off and laying out my clothes on the bank to dry. I can clearly remember lying down on the bank and lifting up my legs allowing all the water to drain from my waders. I tried wading out in my stocking feet but the stones hurt my feet so I had to put my squelchy waders back on. I recieved several odd looks from people who saw me fishing dressed in just waders and underkecks and then, even more when, I started checking peoples membership cards, lol.
  8. Maybe the fish still produce eggs but they may not be able to be fertilised? Maybe some are fertile? I know i'm talking totally different creatures below but I think the answer may well be the same with fish. A horse over donkey is a hinny, a donkey over a horse is known as a mule. They where always thought to be sterile and most of them are, but some are fertile and produce offspring. Some birds such as a canary x goldie are also called mules and as with the bovines some of them are also fertile. No idea how true it is but i've heard rumours that F1's have also produced offspring.
  9. Phone, the float is only 3 gram and I shot it simply byusing four or 5bb's. I have one dropper shot about 6 to 8 inches up from the hook and bulk the rest about 12 or so inches above the dropper. I can vary the shot as the session goes on by sliding them up and down the line. I rarely ever faff about with fiddly set ups and for the most of my trotting I simply fish 6lb mono straight through to the hook. The majority of anglers would say I fish way to heavy, some call it crude. At the end of the day (crude or not) it works alreet for me . Obviously there are situations where I do scale right down if the fish i'm targetting pay more attention to anything out of the ordinary/suspicious but i rarely fish for those kind'a species.
  10. Thanks Martin, yup a different float (specially for you ) and it has a carbon stem as you spotted. It's one of my favourite floats "a Steve Maher" they are excellent floats but i'm not sure if they're still in production.
  11. I had a couple of hours way down the tidal stretch on a large river today. The river was carryiing to much water to wade comfortably in chest waders let alone my thhight waders. Anyhow, luckily I could cast across to a smooth glide and was able to mend the line well enough to keep my float on the right line. After several trotts through I hooked a nice chub. A couple more chub and then I started hooking some pretty decent bream. No idea what the tally was at the end but I had a good few fish, a few pics....
  12. That did make me laugh Martin :). you are right though, I have been using those wire stemmed Map bolo floats for the majority of my trotting for months now! They are great little floats and the wire stem makes them cast well. No need for a whip round though :), I have loads of floats, just have to use a different one next time out to spice the pic's up LOL.
  13. Hardly worth posting this as it's just regurgitating more of the same of my latest posts but heres a pic of a couple of the chub anyhow...
  14. Blimey, that was a very strange happening !!
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