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  1. Yup, noticed Ste's bait choice. I've had lots of chub on bread myself. My biggest chub was 8lb 3 ounces and I caught that one on a large chunk of luncheon meat.
  2. Ok, back that up then, post your catches and stop bragging about it. Regarding maggot drowners, I can't think of any of the AN members who post on that forum.
  3. Blimey "Matthew", why doesn't he post anymore? Be great to see him start posting again!
  4. Sorry to burst your bubble, bubble floater, but just go away, you obviously don't go fishing. I suggest you go and try it on with the members who post o the non fishing section.....I think they will chew you up and spit you out
  5. Your catching some serious fish JV, well done Mr
  6. You are right Keith, it's most likely Rabbit again using one of his sleeper accounts. If I was John i'd ban the retard before he gets any more pleasure from winding people up. I blame that prick for the forum being as quiet as it is!
  7. Bubble floater......have you got a problem with old people ? I would put money on it that i'm fitter than you .
  8. AT is just a organisation, group of people being paid by the EA using anglers licence money to do so. What's the point in doing that when the EA could just do the things the AT do anyhow? Maybe the AT is another route for the EA to get more money via AT memberships on top of the fishing licence fee?
  9. Apparently the government had not said no fishing, it was the AT who spouted that. Prolly so they could say they've swung it for anglers to go! I might go fishing again today.....
  10. Ok John, fair enough, you have a totally different story. To be honest John I know a number of people who work in these hospitals, and have had some close friends actually being patients on covid ward. My bezzie m8's sister is in charge of the x ray department in another local ozzy. She and her husband were both infected with covid. She is a big fatty and had very little symptoms, her husband is also a big fatty and has type one diabetese and he was rough for a week, but they both recoverd ok. It's a well know fact that the number of operations and other treatments has been reduced
  11. For what it's worth, a friend works in the nhs, he works in two different hospitals. Anyhow, one of them is supposed to be covid free and the other has covid patients. He told me there is no rush on at all, there are loads of empty beds and nurses sitting about doing eff all. He said they were looking at Ann Summers stuff on the internet the other day ignoring an old woman who was buzzing them for assistance! He and the rest of the staff are all very confused as to WTF is going on? One of the hospitals does hips, joint replacements etc and keeps stopping all operations...why?
  12. I only found out it was lockdown when I got back from my fishing today . Private place with no one but the farmer who owns it and myself with his permission to even walk there so away from anyone and no one can even see me. I'm lucky to have such a hideaway (of about 2 miles) to myself :). maggots are to expensive to waste, so I used most of em today.....still got a few left though .
  13. I honestly think dead baits would be one of the lesser productive chub baits, infact, I think a lure approach would be more productive than a dead bait. I have had lots of chub on meps on the river. Personally, I would go with bread, maggots, meat, corn, pellets or even boilies rather than bother faffing with dead baits. Good luck whatever baits you try .
  14. Imo chub are more likely to take maggots, worm, peice of bread etc before they would take a dead bait, so I can't see the point it it. Also, using dead baits is more likely to attract a pike and chances are you'll be bitten off and leave the hook in the pike.
  15. Hey Phone, hows it hangin bud :). I've still been going out fishing and unusually I was catching barbel well into december on the float! I say unusually because barbel sedom take a trotted bait during the winter months round these parts and prefer to take a legerd bait. I didn't bother posting as without a picture or two of the fish it didn't seem worth it. Anyhow, instead of using the link for forums I pressed ont the link for websites and the pictures appeared! The bait was live red and white maggots, I use as many as I can fit on a size 14s superspade hook and it does t
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