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  1. with regard to unhooking mats theres a few on ebay, you dont need to pay more than a tenner for one unless your going for monsters, they can also be used to sit on when fishing rivers as well save getting your bum wet of the floor. http://search.ebay.co.uk/unhooking-mat_W0Q...ofocusZbs"] or if your not on ebay there are some here http://www.fishrite.co.uk/ProductsList/mcs...5e3052485"] Nice fish tho and the club lakes looks nice and well kept. this is more my kind of favourite place and this local club lake
  2. Some verry bad news for all Pink Floyd fans Just been reading this http://www.nme.com/news/pink-floyd/23570 and it says Syd Barrett sadly passed away on friday . Like them or loathe them Pink Floyd is one of the biggest and well known bands around and Syd Barrett was one of the founder members who wrote their first album and inspired them for future albums. Even tho they parted company in the early days if it wasnt for Syd Barrett then Pink Floyd would have probably never been which would have been a great loss for British music.IMO probably the best band ever and truly original music yet t
  3. Just to add to what rob has said the two biggest local clubs are Warrington anglers and Lymm anglers. I am currently a member of Lymm which in my opinion have the better fishing around cheshire but Warrington have more stretches of river further afield. here is a link to the Lymm website http://www.lymmanglers.net/ and one to waringtons http://www.warrington-anglers.org.uk/. There is also Weston anglers who have a couple of lakes in the runcorn area. All the local lakes(the park lakes, halsnead park,mellors,carr lane) tend to be full of idiots. The only decent rivers are the Dane and the Ribbl
  4. Mine does not but the transit van i drive (which doesnt have air con or climate con) does it also get black around the roof lining on top of the windscreen. Looks like exhaust emissions to me, probably depends on where you cars air intake is, the lower down and closer to the front the worse it will be. Some cars also have pollen filters in the air vents it mabey one of these has broken down.
  5. May look a little strange from the outside but you could cut a pice of cardboard the same size as the window then cut a hole in the cardboard just big enough so the camera fits tightly into it. pop the camera into the hole and put the cardboard into the open window with the camera pointing at the nest. set the camera to burst/continous mode then snap away.This is all depending on the size of the window ad which way it opens.You will need the fastest shutter speed possible as well becuase they cant keep still them swallows.
  6. heres a few of my favourites at the mo Jean Michel Jarre but its all keybaords/electric with no singing(seen him live a couple of times one of the best concerts i have seen) Manic street preachers The rolling stone top 500 is a good compilation only problem is its about 3 gig but there is something for everybodys taste on it(thats not the rolling stones by the way) Stereophonics hard-fi Red Hot chillie peppers any mix by Dj Tiesto( this is house and not to everybodys tatse ) Roger waters(pink floyd)
  7. We where keeping an eye out for you but with you turning up late on saturday and us leaving early on sunday we must have missed each other. At the moment we are in Lymm anglers and normally fish the rivers(Severn and Dane) when we are not on the rivers then Lymm vale or whitley pool are probably our favourites. We wher in WAA but after they lost the ribble we gave it up because we have been on the waiting list for prince albert for 2 years now so hopefully we will be in thier as well next season.We used to fish halsnead park in whiston until it got overun with idiots. Wel done on the Brea
  8. That was me who took the picture of the 9,13 Tench and the pleasure was all mine Thats the biggest tench i have ever seen in the flesh and as Tench are my favourite stillwater species it made even better. Well done
  9. I think we should have an amnesty on PM boxes, everybody empty them now ad nobody will say anything. seems to be a lot of this latley
  10. I use these http://www.usenext.com/index.cfm?TD=368648 but i have recently found better deals that dont tie you into 10 month contracts . If you are good with newsgroups and can decompress groups of files in the right order then you will not even need any thing like the above but i aint verry good so i have to use the likes of the above.The download speeds are constantly good tho and i have got pretty much everything i have ever asked of it. Nice to see you on your walk round on saturday aswell
  11. First of all thanks to Steve and the ballifs for allowing us and helping us to fish and thanks to Peggy for the BBq's. The weekend will stay with me for a verry long time . Here are a few pics i took from the weekend. Looking down the length of the of the lake from peg 16(my peg) My Pike which was caught on worm Chris Mc's pike caught on boillie Chris Mc's PB 8lb 2 oz Tench Thanks to all who went we had a great weekend
  12. I am sitting in my bivvy in Wingam as i write this and what a lovely place wingham is. It has just started raining for the first time today, it was actually quite nice today when the bbq was on(which was verry nice by the way ), upto now i belive there has been a couple of tench and perch caught today and my bro has just put back a 10.5lb pike which he caught on boillie the pike have been chasing his spod in everytime he brings it in. Anyway thats enough from me i have got fish to try and catch
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