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  1. Thames Steve

    Closing week

    Rusty massive congratulations! You did right leaving us early the day before and keep your powder dry for the last day. Beautiful fish. Hopefully that will inspire you further for next season. Steve H.
  2. TrevBoy very possibly small fish tugging the ends of the worms. Maybe test the theory by using smaller hooks and smaller bait next time and see if you hook into them.
  3. Newly released - brand new in shrink wrap. Please PM me if you have any questions about the film - thanks, Steve. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Where-To-Shore-Fish-In-West-Sussex-sea-fishing-sea-angling-beach-fishing-DVD-/231165002241?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item35d2820201
  4. Newly released. Brand new in shrink wrap. I was involved in the making of the film, so if you have any questions please feel free to PM me - thanks, Steve. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Where-To-Shore-Fish-In-East-Sussex-sea-fishing-sea-angling-beach-fishing-DVD-/231168014529?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item35d2aff8c1
  5. Newly released. Brand new in shrink wrap. I was involved in the making of this film, so please feel free to PM if you have any questions - thanks, Steve. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Where-To-Shore-Fish-In-Kent-sea-fishing-sea-angling-beach-fishing-DVD-/231164974108?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item35d281941c
  6. As a bit of an outsider, I've always thought this forum 'suffers' from not being at the top of any niche. If I want to know something about carp I'll go to Carp Forums or Cemex, Barbel will be BFW, match fishing will be MFS or MD, sea will be WSF, preds will Pikers Pit...you get the idea. The more generalist nature of this forum dilutes the number of specialists on here that would have real-world experience of what someone wants answering. Just as an example, if you want to know advance tips for improving corkball pop-ups, 20 lads who make them, some for a living, will read your quest
  7. Even great bait can't make up for poor presentation
  8. Hi Budgie, I know one was caught from Penton Hook but you'd only realistically fish as far as Sunbury if you wanted to target them. They're caught rarely, especially when you consider how many perch and pike specialists fish the Lower who never see one.
  9. Hi Anderoo, first fish was the 7, caught it just as it turned dark. The smaller one came an hour later. Reasonable flow, say...stick float type flow, due to the snow melt. Not a classic chub swim - no snags, no overhead cover. Both were from open water just maybe 2 rod lengths out in a 70 metre wide bit of river. I'd previously seen a high 5 caught there in a similar underhand swing out. I'm not experienced enough with chub to suggest 'patrol routes' a la barbel....but I wouldn't discount it. There's certainly no reason for them to stay there so I wouldn't think it's a holding area. Ho
  10. Hello all, I'm Steve's (JV44) and Rusty's friend, the lucky captor of that 7lb 7oz chub on Sunday night. I'm a fellow AN'er but being a Thames angler, mainly reside on the TAC's forum so don't get on here much as I'd like. Steve has asked me to add to this thread. Previously, beyond 4 inch chublets, I'd never caught a Thames chub. I'd hoped to catch a lucky one whilst fishing small deads after zander and perch but alas, no. Not even on pellets whilst after bream. I fish Staines downwards and they're just not as prevalent as further upstream. Some Mid Thames matches are won with
  11. Much artistic licence but I don't see why the claims about size should be considered BS. Only in this week's AM he mentions he's landed, weighed and photoed for others over 400 20lb pike, over 30 30lbers and 3 40lbers. If you fish over a lifetime, that often, on the right waters, you're naturally going to lose the occasional monster...and you'll remember them well, surely?
  12. Shimano Purist Barbel Rod - has 2lb TC top plus 3 quiver tips up to 5oz. I have one and can recommend. Not available new in the UK anymore but perhaps where you live is Greys Xflite Barbel rod. 1.5TC and 2lb TC tops plus quiver tips up to 6oz. There used to be, (or still is?), a lighter version available but the one I have has a 6oz quiver. If you want to chuck heavy feeders across a big river they are ideal.
  13. Just to correct that article, there were no members of the Angling Trust there - it was all Thames Anglers' Conservancy. The Angling Trust were very helpful in putting out a good press release for us though. Steve you mentioned about cleaning my sewage covered waders before we meet up....I made the mistake of leaving them and the net we used to scoop up dead bream in the car...and they're still there!
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