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  1. There was a pic of a 30ft oarfish caught in the firth of forth in total sea fishing magazine a good few years back,there was about 10 folk holding it up!!!
  2. Hi Michael, Striking,is wen u quickly whip your rod to the side after a fish takes your fly/lure/bait etc,this ensures the hook is firmly set in the fishes mouth. I think you might have the wrong idea when it comes to your technique. I had a look on youtube and found some "fly-fishing lesson" videos,heres the link http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...essons&aq=1 This should show you the basics,but as with every sort of fishing you'll pick up things as you go along Hope this has been a bit of help! Cheers, Nick
  3. I had a pretty thorough look around the net and i cant find any boats of that name I know its not what you were looking for but heres a site that has other charter boats that fish around Oban http://www.seafishingonline.com/OBAN.htm Sorry i couldn't be more help Hope you manage to find that perticular boat in the end!! Cheers, Nick
  4. Surely it must have been just a rogue tuna,coz if im not mistaken tuna are shoal fish,so to catch just one seems a bit of a fluke,no?
  5. Instead of getting a spinning rod u should get a cheap carp rod,they r lite and have a good action and the mackarel give a fantastic fight on them,and u can cast heavy lures like Nordic Herrings(which are absolutely deadly for mackarel wher i live) a good distance without worrying about putting too much pressure on your rod. I just use a crappy kingfisher 12ft blank and it hasn't failed me yet!!! Hope this has helped you out a bit m8 Tight Lines, Nick
  6. They probably just think its a case of complaining for the sake of complaining to be honest.
  7. I thought i got it bad wen i got the hook on my mackarel trace went through the skin between my fingers,but looking at that i feel bad complaining!!!
  8. I dont have a car so where i can go is pretty limited,but duddingston loch is only about a 20 minute walk from my girlfriends flat. I personally live in Port Seton wich is about 12 miles from Edinburgh City Centre. But it would be good to know where else i could fish apart from duddingston,thanks for looking stuff up for me!!b Cheers Nick
  9. Hi I have been wanting to try my hand at a bit of carp fishing for a while but living in scotland options are pretty limited! I know markle fisheries have carp but there is that many kids running round all the time i think it would be pretty difficult to catch 1,plus if you catch a trout you have to pay for it and i really cant be doing with that. Someone put me on to duddingston loch and i asked one of the guys in my local tackle shop about it and he said there are fish there but theres not much chance of catching. Im wondering if anyone could tell me otherwise because id really love to g
  10. Ive heard the carp at duddingston can be few and far between. Markle trout fishery near east linton has a few nice commons,all of them about 15-20 pounds they also have roach and claim to have tench and ide but ive never seen either of those two species caught.
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