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  1. 2 x Drennan Specialist Tench and Bream rods wanted. Would ideally prefer the Mk2 version in 2lb but 1.75lb would also be perfect, would also take the Mk1 1.75 Only interested in the cork handled versions... Must be in good condition please. Thank you so much.
  2. Good to see your digitals giving perfect results. To answer (briefly) some of what you said (as I have banged on about this nonstop) I will say this. When using the Reuben Heaton specimen scales and holding them via a weigh handle (which is one of the methods that are recommended for use in the scales literature) and placing a 2lb weight into a zero'd sling the needle is very still, it is not dancing around and it is very readable and it is weighing 1/2 oz light, upon repeating this type of test across several weights similar results were obtained with the scales consistently weighing
  3. I don't currently have a bag of unopened sugar but I will buy one when I next go shopping and then weigh it on a zero'd sling whilst it is still inside its paper packaging, naming the brand of sugar etc, just to be as anal as possible. This will be done on one set of flyweights, one set of Avons and one set of Reuben digitals. For the record in reference to Anderoo mentioning 1 litre of water, I performed this test today on both a set of Avons and a set of Reuben digitals, and again just now on some Flyweights, not to forget before I returned some scales today I also performed this exact t
  4. I will absolutely keep an eye on them and report back with any findings, whether that be no news to report or any variation in readings, however slight. I wanted to use the same weights and keep notes, that way I can test them at any time and see how they are performing, but at the end of the day they are Reuben Heaton still, the same company that makes dial scales that people seem to have total faith in, so I see no real problem assuming they are not abused or allowed to run low on power.
  5. Sorry for the delay in replying I was out shopping. I didn't take it as a pop mate, I just saw it as a question, if my reply was a bit defensive then I apologise as I appreciate it Is easy to judge someone like myself in the position I am in by saying how I am not happy with some scales that are weighing 1/2oz out... if it were me reading this I would probably think what others are likely thinking, but as it was my money that was spent I have a slightly different stance and feel a bit hard done by when I was led to believe how accurate they would be. Anyway, another update, I returned
  6. I think if the fish is worth weighing it is only right to want to weigh it as accurately as possible, if a rough idea would suffice you might as well just take a punt and guess your self, which is possibly what some people do, and that is fine, but some people like to keep records and like to beat personal bests, not just species personal bests but personal best for a specific venue, or method, and having the most accurate set of scales you can find will only help with this, I know it is not everyones cup of tea but it must matter to a lot of people otherwise we would all still be using Samson
  7. This is true, and it is for that reason why I wanted as accurate a set as I could get, so as many things are on my side when weighing in real world conditions. I appreciate the 30lb set is not ideal for a 2lb roach, but this was one of the main topics of conversation when I purchased them, I was told that if I wanted to know for sure if I had a 2lb roach then I needed this set, that seems almost funny now. The roach is only an example, it isn't the style of fishing I usually do, but is still a very real possibility.
  8. If someone is paying a lot of money believing the scales to be very accurate then yes I think it does matter. I just emptied a bottle of water, zero'd the empty bottle in a sling and then added 1000ml of water (again being as particular as is humanly possible to ensure as very close to 1L was used - I added the water slowly and with a bigger jug underneath the bottle to catch any missed drops that I could add afterwards to ensure as close a reading as I could get). I believe 1 litre of water should weigh 2.2lbs, on my Reubens I got a reading of approx 2lb 1 1/2oz... theres a pattern fo
  9. Out of interest I am not sure of where I stand here with these scales and returning them? Technically they are not faulty, but they are not displaying as I was led to believe they would when I was sold them, but that's just my word. I know they are within the tolerances that Reubens told me today over the phone but I was led to believe that these would weigh a 2lb fish at 2lb and be the best money could buy, I am slightly unsure if that is actually true.
  10. Just got my old (but still immaculate) set of 40lb x 1oz division Avons out and done some tests, but take into account that these tests are done with the same 3 pieces of Avery weights that Reuben said could be innacurate. *Although these are 1oz division on some readings you can clearly see that the needle is mid point between 2 divisions hence my 1/2oz readings. Using the 1lb weight my Avons weighed 1lb and 1/2oz Using the 2lb weight my Avons weighed 2lb and 1/2oz Combining the 1lb and 2lb my Avons weighed 3lb Using the 4lb weight my Avons weighed 4lb Combining the 4lb and 1lb my
  11. That would only work if you was using 2oz division scales as using a set of 1/2oz division would have the fish registered as either 2lb 13 1/2oz - 2lb 14oz or 2lb 14 1/2oz.... I know its not ideal but its how it is, and using a quality set of scales helps to keep the tolerances closer to each other and helps eliminate any 'outrageous' readings and a higher degree of 'accuracy' can be achieved. This is only true with the Reuben Heaton 4000 series and whilst I cannot comment in great length on the tolerance of other sets of scales, however the fly weights I would 'guess' are accurate at some
  12. Yes this was discussed by Reubens over the phone, however Andrew my intitial concern was not so much what the individual results were from my avery weights it was that when I add the total up and then weigh all 3 weights together the 2 totals did not match. However, when all 3 weights are weighed together they do fall to within 1/2oz (1 divisision) of the scales tolerance, so this is now understood to be acceptable performance. Individually 2 of my avery weights were weighed as 1/2oz light but collectively they were 1/2oz heavy and whilst I couldn't understand how this could be if the scales w
  13. Here's an update. I have just got off the phone to Reuben Heaton and after a 20+ minute conversation with one of their guys I am happy with the performance of these scales. Basically I was told that all the 4000 series of scales are 'accurate' to within 1 division of the scales capacity, in my case this is 1/2oz at all readings. If you own a set of 60lb x 1oz division specimen hunter then your scales are 'accurate' to within 1oz +/- of the read out and the weights used to calibrate the scales are very expensive known weights, but this is not to say that your scales are approximate, the
  14. Hello all. I very recently bought a set of Reuben Heaton 4000 specimen hunter 30lb x 1/2oz divisions (not the cheap fly weights, these have a RRP of £99) and I am not exactly thrilled at first use. Here's what happens... I have got some Avery weights at home weighing 1lb 2lb and 4lb, I place a weigh sling onto my new Reubens and zero the scales. I then add the 1lb weight and it registers as 15 1/2oz (1/2oz light) So I try the 2lb weight, (I am really OCD making sure the scales are absolute zero) with the 2lb weight the scales register at 1lb 15 1/2oz (again 1/2 light, not a big
  15. The eyes are not what they used to be, and it can get a bit frustrating and fidgety trying to get short 3 inch rigs, i seem to get them all sorts of lengh upto 5.5 inches, and this is at home... on the bankside it would be quite an unpleasant chore at times, specially this time of year. I will persevere with the pre-tied barbless and hope someone makes some one day. Thanks Andrew.
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