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  1. Thought anglers would be more concerned with the absolute s**t storm heading towards the C&R anglers of both fresh and saltwater thanks to the likes of the Angling Trust but hey ho. Nice to see this forum is still going however been a while since I last looked in.
  2. Frankly both WSF and its C+P site are a waste of space time will tell if the new owners make a difference TBH I feel Mike T Jnr cashed in at the right time.
  3. Still bashing the anti Angling Trust drum then Baz thought you had given that up as a lost cause. See they have just been granted a big lump of funding and are growing from strength to strength. Still the Bass thing is to be debated in parliament today tune in from 2.15pm or use the catch up HERE
  4. Good grief Lux your alive, new computer for christmas? Looks like your way behind re this Bass thing perhaps you should give WSF a look in some of your mates are missing you http://www.worldseafishing.com/forums/threads/bass-2016-regulations-thread.4909339/page-82#post-9602230
  5. Can’t speak for Kent & Essex but here in Cornwall we are arranging an open meeting before moving forward with a strategy. Anyone wanting further info should contact Ben Bradshaw at Cornwall IFCA on 01736 336842
  6. All the minutes from this group can be found here >>> http://www.marinemanagement.org.uk/seaangling/steering.htm
  7. Bait collection summit I’m surprised more is not being made about the Bait Collection Summit that the Angling Trust has organised. The event takes place in London at Fishmongers Hall on 24th September 2013 and in part a response to proposed restrictions proposed by some of the ten IFCAs. http://www.rodbenders.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Angling-Trust-Bait-Collection-Summit-Agenda-September-24th-2013.pdf
  8. The game is already afoot Shaun the Eastern IFCA has already received reports about the amount of Skate being taken by anglers, in Yorkshire the Whitby charter fleet anglers are reported to be selling fish illegally. The question is will the IFCAs act? Already under huge pressure to sort out the various habitat directives as well as looking at the proposed MCZs my feeling is that other than what is already covered by law then things are unlikely to change any time soon. On the other hand if sea angling reps start making demands on the back of what is expected to be a boost from the so
  9. I’m inclined to agree with you ‘Seafoods’ it seems the few have decided for the silent majority but let’s be fair, being in the EU where other member states have been every bit a part of the want/need for recognition that has got us to this point. Fishing politics is like a cancer fuelled by the supposed lack of fish and the need to treat it with various forms of conservation and regulation. Sea Angling is now in that mire and that means those that care will now have a job on their hands, the time for division and playing the blame game is over we should be looking for unity now to protec
  10. What a charming response to be sure, all I have mouthed off at these past two years are at those who have in one way or another let sea anglers down and are helping the likes of the Angling Trust further their cause. Many who you would like to suck up to rather than be honest about and all because you want to be liked, sorry Barry but it don’t wash and that’s why you will be for ever moaning on the internet and a fat lot of good that will do.
  11. One has to ask “What is your beef Barry?” Is it that the Angling Trust has ignored you? I take it you are still a non-member not that it makes much difference as they have long since closed their own communication forum. However members do get a response so I’m reliably informed. Do you feel their idea of following what is claimed to be an Irish success story is wrong? And are you basing that on what appears to have been a good year on parts of the south coast. While that can’t be denied other areas have not had a good year for RSA Bass fishing by any stretch of the imagination, so how doe
  12. http://www.rodbenders.net/wp-content/uploa...inalVersion.pdf http://www.rodbenders.net/wp-content/uploa...tionQ&A.PDF
  13. Seems the Eel is still in trouble.................... http://www.ices.dk/committe/acom/comwork/r...012/eel-eur.pdf
  14. Both the Angling Trust and the Bass Fishing Society are pushing for the UK to increase the MLS for Bass. The EU has set the MLS for Bass at 37.5 at that size they say Bass can and do reproduce, while others including the Angling Trust’s Conservation rep Malcolm Gilbert dispute this. They would like to see an MLS of 48 and are asking the UK to adopt 40 across the board now with a view to increasing this to 48 over the next few years. The Trust will sight the EU landing figures which increase year on year to support their claim that the stock must be falling; they will add to that the fact t
  15. Point is I’m not on any ones side Shaun if I were it would probably be that of a sceptic to all these claims of empty sea’s that are supposedly devoid of fish. Just the same as global warming were we are told we are killing the planet by producing too much co2, when the truth is we can’t come close to matching that produced naturally. If I were to defend this lot Isabella Lovin would be a good place to start. She is a reporter and Green MP in the Swedish Parliament her book is a good read and asks many good questions, what can’t be denied is she has researched the various issues in some de
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