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  1. I just picked up a allcocks wallis wizzed from a charity shop for a pound it needs a some spares to get it back in to working order and was looking for advice and help. It needs a reel fitting only one and it looks like something screwed in to the butt but not sure what apart from that its good to use any one have any ideas were I could source the bits I need. Cheers
  2. I know it may sound strange but have you tried useing a smaller hook? Ive been haveing the same problem loads of bites but very few hookups went smaller had more fish. I also tried up stream ledgering totting and stret pegging more fish trotting but smaller size stretpegging I hit more bits and a bigger average but the moove out of range I was thinking about useing hair riged fake maggots and only hit a bite when its properly wraped round il give it a go tommorow.
  3. Pur the spool in a bucket of water will help as well rather than trough a pencil
  4. Were abouts would you target a double figure tench around whiltshire area? I can help out with the perch if yoi could help out with the tench.
  5. Been in the same situation a few times but trying to catch dace for perch baits it was harder to catch the bait than a two pound perch
  6. Chew would be a good option if you can get a ticket ive tried for the past couple of trials and no tickits yet some guys I no get five days in a row. Try targeting your local rivers I expermented with a new section of river since october seen no other anglers and had one twenty one just under and adout twenty differnt doubles so might be worth targeting your local river.
  7. My pb was caught on a dead bait so was aleast 5 other anglers I know.,what bait or method has caught yours? Lure, live or dead bait would be interested to no. cheers
  8. All the dead baits float fished statics and a patanostra for the live baits. Yes I have fished live baits in the same swim as deads on the same session but not at the time. last week my mate who I let fish in my swim had a 19 10 and 12 8 on deads in between them a small jack on a live bait about the same size if not bigger than the dead baits. My question is if you target larger pike should you stick to useing dead baits as a general rule?
  9. Over the last ten or so pike trips I have done dead baits seem to be the method for selecting the larger pike. I seem to cath same sort of numbers as I do useing live baits but the average size is smaller. The baits are around the same size I just havent had many jacks on dead baits and fished in the same swims were live baits seem to catch jaks. Is this standard are the bigger specimens say uppe teens low twentys lazy?
  10. Find the prey find the pike. Try cover water by casting in a clock work pattern. Also change the speed and depth of your ratrive what lake are you fishing?
  11. I have been fishing the streach of water recently with mixed resualts. Went out today and had a bite a chuck from the off unfortunatly nothing bigger than a few once dace and roach however fished the same swim on thursday and a good day with the average fish being 6oz up the around a pound mark. Condition were very simular but a totaly differnt outcome any thoughts? do roach shoal up in the same year class or will you get fish range from a few onces up to a pound and a half in the same shoal?
  12. Cheers for the info about keeping casters some things to try out. So how and what equipment will I need to turn casters. Just from shop bought maggs?
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