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  1. I had one 3 nights ago, pitch black as I approached a crossroads, traffic lights turn green so I begin to move and then straight from my left a cyclist, black clothes, no lights flies straight across my front.. Yet if I had run this guy over it's my fault..
  2. @BoldBear... thank you very much.. Sadly, they have no stock.. @Martin56... thank you also for the links, however specifically want Wavelock so will keep looking.
  3. As I am now replacing my stolen tackle I am struggling to find a replacement Wavelock Umbrella so would anyone know or an outlet where such a product can still be purchased? Need to find a 60"+. Thanks in advance.
  4. She is guilty of sedition and Treason.. She also laid with a member of ISIS a group who are sworn enemies of the people of the UK... I say, let her back, take her to the Dover Cliffs and throw her off. If she is innocent her chosen God will surely save her before she hits the bottom and if not at least the Seagulls will be fed. Failing that leave her to the Syrians or wherever she is incarcerated.
  5. The next generation army is going to be full of individuals (Snowflakes) who think the world owes them..if you guys remember the old Walter out of the old Beano... I mean, even in the Army, they are so pampered, so protected that the whiff of a battle where the rules of COD4 don't apply they'll run for the hills..no re-spawn after being shot in this game.. They don't know what discipline is because since the 1980's there hasn't been any so the drill Sergeant is going to come as a big shock and they will have no respect for rank so the need for an even bigger defaulters table will cost the
  6. My insurance has an outbuilding cover limit of £75,000 and once my insurer told their loss adjusters what to do my insurer agreed settlement without a hitch. As I have been with the same insurer for over 21 years my policy is different to modern policies offered and cannot be changed on the whim of the loss adjuster because they don't want to have to do any work.. But, my warning is for those who perhaps have not investigated their cover details completely those who may get a nasty surprise if some Scroat decides that they are his next target. Those with thousands of pounds worth of tackl
  7. To anyone who has insurance cover for theft from outbuildings it is essential that you check the small print of your policy. I had my tackle stolen from my secured outbuilding in November 2018 (valued at £10,000) and although I was insured the company used by my insurer to calculate my losses tried to cap my claim at £3,000.00 even though my policy clearly states my claim limit is £75,000.00. Even after my insurer had told them my limit they even refused to accept the evidence given and so my insurer had to take over dealing with my claim and telling the loss adjusters what to do. Man
  8. I was witness to a situation once where a Black person racially abused a white electrician because he was late to a job due to a fatal RTC. After suffering for 20 minutes insult after insult, with the whole incident recorded by his colleague on his mobile phone, he told the Black individual to shut her dirty black mouth. She reported him for racism and his friends video counted for nothing in the inquiry following the report. The electrician lost his job immediately and the Black individual received £5,000 compensation. When the electrician went to the Police he was told to his face a Black pe
  9. Okay, so here is something I don't understand.. Yes, the west enslaved Blacks from Africa... a nasty thing to do but it was done.. We hear about it every day all the present day people who are suffering...from what i cannot work out because if I doubt they'll want to go back to their heritage. I wasn't alive when slavery was happening and the moaning shitehawks weren't either.. SO if I have to have it in my ears about how bad my Country was when are they going to turn their attentions to Italy? The Roman empire enslaved on a scale to put the 1619-1860 slavery era to zero and yet wh
  10. Look at what Trump is doing. Look at what Trump has done... When was the last time we had negative news about North Korea? He faces off Mr Putin.. and unlike our useless lying ***** in Westminster, whether you like him or not, he is trying to fulfill pre-election promises. Yes, he is loud, yes he can be vulgar but he was voted in by the American people and of course given the population size of America more than a few won't like him.. Judge him when his term ends and if he succeeds a second election people should just close their mouths.
  11. What makes me laugh is that Blackboard is deemed offensive and yet a Whitewash is not... There are some big cliffs at Dover I wish we could shove these Leftie, Liberal PC brigades off them.... I saw something on Youtube the other day where the Police stopped a guy flying the Union Jack in London... Like what flag should he be flying then? And if you try to argue with a PC loon the b**t*rds try to get you arrested because you are an ignorant Bigot and only their version is correct...
  12. Before you go fishing cover exposed areas of skin liberally with Germolene I have never been bitten on exposed skin when it has been applied. Ensure that you wash your hand thoroughly after application so that you don't taint your baits.
  13. Many thanks for the advice. I have been in touch with the company that built my system and they have agreed a like for like ASUS board swap free.
  14. Go through the environment agency and they direct you to the legitimate site. https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences
  15. I keep getting notifications that I have plugged or unplugged audio devices, even when one is not even connected. Have screenshots but it seems I cannot upload one. I run Windows 10 64 bit and have a Gigabyte Motherboard. If anyone has experienced this themselves and they have a fix I would appreciate the help.
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