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  1. Spent a week at Taverham mill for a weeks fishing with two Angling friends. When i booked back in april i was not informed the Wensum at Taverham mill was a shadow of its former self. No barbel and no chub over a pound was cought , all we could catch was dace, a few roach and perch and the odd chublet. It seems Otters have decimated the fishery and also the lakes too. We spent nearly £600 for the weeks holiday thinking we would catch a barbel or two and a few decent chub. Last year we fished Lenwade and had the odd decent chub but no barbel. Looks like next year we will be choosing a dif
  2. Hi Mally, few years have passed since these posts, are you still fishing and do you still fish the Bain?
  3. Cheers Mat, boot a week at Taverham Mill for September, looks the ideal place.
  4. Cheers for the reply Ant, i was looking forward to fishing the river but it sound like they dont manage the banks if the cabbage plants restrict you getting near the waters edge. Last year we fished Len Wade at the bridge inn and found the fishing a bit disapointing and the Bailiffs a bit standoffish. Can you reccomend anywhere with good river and lake/pond fishing that also provide accomodation? Im going with 2 mates who like lake fishing with a bit of river fishing thrown in, mei can fish lakes anytime but dont have decent river fishing where i live so the river is my top priority. Ive a
  5. Im going here for a week in september and would appreciate any info on the river stretch of the wensum at Kingfisher lakes. Ive seen good and bad reports on the place especially about drunk bar manager and staff arguing. No phone signal and no staff half the time. Anyway ill pay my money and take my chances. Any other info on the place would be good.
  6. This year me and a mate as decided to do a sort of rod race to make it interesting. The rules are we fish together when doing the rod race, we can only fish a venue 4 times and take alternative turns in picking the venue. It works like this, when fishing a venue every species you catch earns you a point, once a species is cought at that venue you cannot get any more points unless its deemed a specimen. So if i catch a common carp thats a point. If i then catch a common carp over 10lb i get a point becouse its a specimen fish, a common over 15lb would get you 2 points and a common over 20l
  7. Had 2 days fishing the River Seven at Normanby and i havent fished it for years so was looking forward to it. I was shocked to find a silted up river with loads of sunken tree branches all over and lots of trees cut down. It looked like a hurricane had been through and looked a right mess. The fishing was very poor and a lot of the swims were devoid of fish. Ive been fishing this river for 30 odd years and i was gutted to see it in shuch a state. It need a good flush through and work doing on the banksides as most of the free stretch is unfishable. The private stretch that im allowed to
  8. Not been on this forum for ages and im so shocked to hear this sad news. My thoughts are with Newt and all jans family and friends.
  9. Hi Les, your post made me laugh. Ive been thinking of joining SPAC so i can fish the trent.
  10. Cheers Brian, booked the Anchor inn in borobridge and will fish the swale or Ure depending on the best reports early in July. Will ask the local tackle shop who sell day tickets for advice. Thanks for your reply, will keep the Black bull in mind for future trips. Regards, Tyke
  11. Ive been searching websites for a River fishing break on a Yorkshire River for 2 days in July. Looking for a B & B near a River in Yorkshire that can give some good Chub/Barbel fishing. Does anyone know of a decent place, im thinking Boston spa/ Tadcaster or maybe the Ure, Ouse or Swale. I can find B & Bs in these areas but ideally i would like a place that caters for anglers who have somewhere safe to store tackle e.t.c A pub would be ideal but it must be within a mile or so of the river we will fish. I would also consider somewehere with a pond nearby as a back up if the river
  12. Well its well over 6 years and i thought i would have had a reply by now from Simod. Two post tosser lol
  13. Going to Olu Deniz on 25th of October and was wondering if its worth taking a telescopic rod with me to fish from the beach/rocks? As anyone done any fishing here and was it productive?
  14. Clever idea chavender. Wont get a chance to use my new 706 for a while due to some major decorating and other house probs.
  15. I was lucky inough to get the book of Amazon for only £5 used in very good condition.
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