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  1. hey. recently bought an 11ft 4-piece travel barbel rod from CFR. i got it second hand but in very good condition from ian at CFR. my intention was to use it for prawning and the occasional trip to shrewbury for barbel/chub fishing but i don't have the time to go fishing in shrews' or the patience for migrant game fishing so it burns me that my occasional rod is several degrees better than my everyday float rod. the rod is fitted with fuji reel seat and guides and was originally specc'd at just over £200. it would make a reallt nice rod in the right hands. if anyone has a harrison gti or a floa
  2. wow. i dream about days like that!
  3. i went to the Dee and targeted grayling. got two brownies first, one wild and one stocked, which got a tap on the head and smoked. taken to returning the wild ones regardless of size. one small grayling which i got to the net then it got off. grrr! still i saw it!. going after roach this eve down the canal. yay!
  4. personally i would either fish to an undercut bank or an underwater feature. all the stuff i learnt about course fishing seems to work across the board and fish holding spots invariably hold fish regardless. i don't think game fish are aware of their status and so don't seem to mind hanging out in the same spots as course fish.....erm maybe though they just like slumming it every now and then
  5. just for the sake of it if the swim has been prepared properly and your fishing for fish that shoal then catching the biggest one in the shoal should be quite easy as they will be competing and the biggest usually win, it's the big solitary fish that are hard to catch. i would add that what i know about carp fishing could be written on a pin head and the same for commercials too, so what i think may have zero application
  6. if the fish is as large as the line spool suggests then it's a weird shape for a roach, our local ones, like perch tend to have arching spines behind the head once they get over a pound or so, if that makes sense, like....the line between the head and tail is kind of smooth and un-interupted on yours without reading all the other threads it's also kind of silver orange, rather than silver blue. i'm certain i've had two roach/bream hybrids in the past few months
  7. just out of interest do carp respond in the same way as perch to the release of worm amino, caused by chopping? carp are a totally foreign experience to me
  8. hmmmm i used a slug once for chub, it was indeed vile and spewed like flouro green gunk all over me.
  9. hmmm, would that be the glorious collection of human leeches and parasites we call our government trying to claw in every last penny from the working man as they slowly drag the country down into it's world of selfish greed? the question was rhetorical. bet they won't be in any 'put & take' fisheries, just canal and lake banks. not that you could accused the swine and effluent that make up the current government of being biased in any way
  10. erm, havent read the other posts, but i would use either chopped worm, worms that are chopped, or little bits of worm that have been cut into pieces, for perch or chub. but thats just me have just got some 'Predator plus' but i haven't really tried it yet. have had some luck with 'bloodworm dna, amino complex' also, i'm sure you know this but catching bigger perch is often more about the spot chosen than bait used (thanks to other members for that pearl of wisdom!)
  11. erm, i would add that if you do get told off best to never fish it again without permission. thats a good way to explore though
  12. i dont know how it works these days, angling has become some horrendous marketing opportunity, but back in the 'good old days' (thats the 80's for me!) i would have taken a guess that if it's under a bridge carrying a public road then there's a good chance it's E.A. owned and therefore fishable with a standard rod licence. certainly there are a few rivers i see on the train to work in exactly the same circumstances and i intend to fish them. as long as you have your rod licence with you just give it a go. the worst that can happen is that you could be told off and frankly so what
  13. last autumn i decided i'd try cake crumb as ground bait and asked here if it was any good. gave it a try yesterday and this is what i think. it's too dense and greasy to be used on its own so i mixed it with bread crumb and a touch of caramel brasem which seemed to fit the theme. when i put the first balls in i noticed that the breadcrumb clouds and the cake crumb sinks, which to my mind makes a good combination and i would guess that the cake crumb acts as a holding bait like hemp seed. obviously now the water is warmer i reckon that the oilyness is good and carries a sugary, buttery flavour
  14. i don't know about hiring equipment but to be honest it's so cheap these days you could probably buy a rig or even two for very little, who knows you may enjoy yourself and want to do it again! as for venues, you have the gade running through the park in boxmoor, opposite the fishery inn and down a bit, the stretch on the other side, toward apsley has had me wondering for awhile now, i reckon maybe it holds some good fish. if you don't fancy the undergrowth and cow poo you should try the same river in casio' park in watford. tend to get quite a few other anglers there and if i remember it'
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