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  1. Cool! Mine: 1) 4 wheels; 2) Steering wheel; 3) Indicators (left and right); 4) Seats; 5) Engine; 6) Gearbox; 7) Cd player; 8) 'Other things'.
  2. Do it! It really is you against the fish in it's NATURAL environment. Commercials have their place, but to me are similar to big game hunting at the zoo!
  3. Fours

    Help Needed

    Welcome to the fold. Following on from RR's advice, I'd suggest searching for 'Tying knots' on Youtube as well. I always find a practicle demonstration easier to follow than a diagram. (One of the problems in answering any question from a relative novice is to reply using jargon that the recipient doesn't understand!). Practice setting up in the garden rather than on the bankside. Learn and master each problem area before moving to the next. Repetition will pay rewards. Good luck and best wishes.
  4. I agree. Nice to know that there are anglers out there that show an interest for the welfare of the fish though.Not just a 'missed opportunity'. I would also suggest using suitable terminal tackle if fishing a water that holds carp.
  5. You can use you float rod for ledgering, but why not get yourself a quivertip? They are so cheap now and with your float rod as a second weapon, you can combine the two methods at the same time. In terms of rigs, I'm sure there are plenty of historic posts on here which will guide you.Failing that, trawl the internet. Best wishes.
  6. Suck it and see mate. I purchased 2 Microns for around £20 delivered (E-bay) and they have'nt let me down yet. Why anyone would spend 20 times that amount is way beyond my comprehension, but each to their own. If you get a run and the alarm sounds, then job done!
  7. Tench fishing, for me, will always be synonymous with early summer mornings.Lily pads, 'Dawn Chorus', sweet perfumed air, peace with the world, arm-wrenching action! Interesting question though.Never even considered targeting them at this time of the year, so let us know!
  8. Yeah, that's what I do. Also, it will depend on how many boilies/pellets/grains you wish to hair rig.So mount them on the hair before tying to determine the length.
  9. Fours


    Hi Dave, Like you, I'd never tied (or used!) a hair rig before the summer. However, they really are very easy to tie with a tiny bit of practice. Never tried Pepperami, but will in the warmer months. I DID use a baiting needle for pellets, however, and had an enormous amount of success using this presentation. Good luck.Give it a go.
  10. Ha ha.You're spot on there! I'll be 44 next July.Doesn't feel 5 minutes ago I got ratted on my 21st! Depressing. The effects of Father Time? 1) Dodgy knees; 2) Dodgy shoulder; 3) Dodgy ankle; 4) Dodgy haircut(greying). 5) Etc! I swear, I laughed the other week and cricked my neck!! Ho hum.Just off to buy some Werthers. Stay lucky!
  11. I fancy the idea of making my own lures this year. How scientific does the design need to be? I remember reading many moons ago about using an old door handle from a Cortina! I don't know whether this was genuine, or if it would have been successful. The idea of recycling some piece of 'junk' for the purpose appeals though! Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks for that!! I've now had to shell out on a very dark pair of shades and a Labrador.
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