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  1. I think the 6-7 rod 9-10ft will be ideal, enough finesse and enough power. One line only then #7 WF floating is your best bet. As for getting everything for under £100, have a look for better quality 2nd hand stuff if you can. Fulling mill classic FM 9ft 7wt will cost about £60 new, heard good things about the rod.
  2. Clifton Marina? Near Swinton? Big bream, big carp, big pike, big roach. Carp to 40, pike to 40 bream into doubles and roach to 2, nice tench too. Cracking water, car park very unsafe though. Lots of cars get done all the time. if not that lake, then... never mind
  3. Sounds about right, odd to find a 10ft 4-5wt rod though. how about you get him something like a sportfish.co.uk voucher? Lines can be a very personal thing, and with a voucher he can chose exactly what he wants.
  4. Another vote here for the fulling mill gold. If it's small enough for you, it's a great rod
  5. singy

    Cleaning fly line

    Armourall dashboard wipes?
  6. Well there are hundreds of expensive treatments out there, most of which I find tedious and make fishing a chore, is it all really needed? i'd love to be able just to stick the lot in the dish washer i've heard lots of stories about stuff like WD40 being used etc. Any truth in warm soapy water being all you need? What do you guys do?
  7. http://www.sportfish.co.uk/product/32252/S...nio_Size_8.html these are the kiddies you want
  8. As above, Quality reel wanted. WHY? Singy
  9. singy

    Sugar Puff fly?

    Have a look at the bonio fly from fulling mill. These little babies are a dog biscuit pattern, but from below I doubt the profile of a dog biscuit and sugar puff are much different.
  10. Selling for a mate Sage SLT 8’9” 2 piece 3WT fly rod With aluminium tube – Immaculate condition only used twice Sage 2540 fly reel with backing and line: rarely used Scientific Anglers XPS WF3 Grey New Prices Rod - £500+ Reel - £200+ Line - £50 Sold as package only Offers around £400
  11. Do you have 2 spools? You could always do everything backwards first on one spool to get it right. Fly line then backing, then change spools and wind on backing first followed by fly line.
  12. singy

    Coldwater Flies

    I seem to almost exclusively use 2 flies when the weather is cold, A long tailed olive damsel on a sinking line, twitched eratically close to the bottom, or a heavy cat's whisker (any line, floating, sinking or intermediate) fished with a bit more pace when the fish are more active. Of course when these are failing I have lots of flies in reserve. Boobies are excelent, fished popped up, close to the bottom on a fast sinking line, though this style of fishing does bore me sensless But fishing is mad, that's why I love it. The other day all I could get takes on was a large gold head daddy stripped though the swim as fast as humanly possible
  13. I don't think there are any official age related records. That's a huge fish for back in 87.
  14. Hi Jay Where about's down south are you? Many lakes will give you the ability to try fly fishing, hire tackle and have casting tuition. Could well be worth having a lesson first before you go out and buy all the gear. Singy
  15. By all means fish for trout on the maggot, at £25 for 2 fish, turn up, cast out, catch 2, go home, 5 minutes fishing. Bargain I love all aspects of fishing, but I chose the difficulty of my fishing. I fish hard carp waters, low stocked pits for bit tench, I chose to fish for grayling and trout on the fly. It's my choice to make my fishing as challenging as I require. And to me, that is the whole point. It's the challenge. Catching a trout on a well presented and well cast fly is much more satisfying (to me) than spraying a load of maggots around a waggler. My record of trout taken on the maggot is somewhere near 200 fish in a days fishing up at Ullswater, but the few wild browns taken on the evening hatch off the top lives with me longer. Catching on his own terms maybe? Snobby moi? Probably. I'm very snobby about my angling.
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