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  1. Any recommendations for a reliable hook for Grayling fishing I use a grain of sweetcorn or double maggot this fishing on EA freestretch so should be barbless what is the best size ? Using 16 or 18 at the moment. Cheers
  2. Taken it off, the rod is a keeper not spoilt for choice when it comes to17ft float rods.Water was getting between the plastic cover and the cork which is why it,s gone now.
  3. Hi Just bought a new float rod and have used it a few times and have no problem with the rod but the cork handel has a plastic cover on it is it best to leave it on or take it off. Ta
  4. Well my reel came back from the service department this time they have sorted it and have been using it trouble free for the past few months must say I do like the look of the reel now got the preformance to match shame it took Youngs three goes to get it right .
  5. These QM hooks was near a circle hook as I could find, it is the way the lines lies need it to be sitting on the back of the shank but coming through the eye for best hooking. Not fishing a hair but using these hooks for fishing Bread for Chub or Mullet
  6. Hi Have been using Guru QM hooks with plenty of sucess only problem is they need a knotless knot which means I have gone back to mono, any one know of a knotless knot or whipping I can use with fluorocarbon that is really reliable. cheers
  7. Got a Tri -cast Trilogy XS which I have been using for the past eighteen months and gets the thumbs up from me had some proper lumps on it.The main reason I like it are double rings all the way up to the top section and it,s light as a feather reel seat has not been an issue apart from needs regular cleaning or it gets a bit very sticky holds any one of my three centre pins securley.
  8. Oxford is looking the better bet what went wrong with the Kennet ?
  9. Hi I am looking for a day ticket or free stretch of river fishing anywhere between Reading and Oxford there will probably be three of us ideal water would hold plenty of Chub and Roach and not to difficult to fish as we are not very good at coarse fishing we would prefer to float fish .
  10. There are some Normark rod extensions on flebay at the mo,worth a look ?
  11. Sounds good but a frictionless reel would be a nightmare to use I will stick with light oil.
  12. To start with took line guard off but the screws when I put them back in were standing proud enough for line to wrap around them so my solution was to take the line guard to work and have the bars cut off leaving the base strip put the screws back in job done. Youngs service department has been good never asked them to replace the reel pouch but did ask for some screws to go in the holes left by the line guard let them know that I needed the line guard and screws as I would probably sending the reel back to get my money back as I was not happy. The bonus with Youngs is you get to speak t
  13. I am looking for a short float rod between 11ft and 12ft for dealing with Mullet think Barbel in tight spaces . My main float rod is Tri cast but they are not cheap will be used on running waters if this makes any diference any recomadations?
  14. My reel is finally back from Youngs looks like they have changed the hub and spindle and is now the reel it should have been, 4 no 4 shot set it in motion with no more tight spots . Love the traditional look of this reel but the acid test will be when I have used it a few times. Youngs have given me a new soft reel case lost mine first time out and a new line guard with screws after I cut the bars off the old line guard Youngs have also fitted some shorter screws so have no holes were the line guard was.Would like to say I am a happy bunny but why did it take three goes to get right .
  15. Much the same for me I back my reels with 75yards of low diameter braid and about 40yards of mono get two or three sessions out of this because I cut the last 5 yards of mono each time. Know the modified Albright knot will happily go through the rings if needed but know the line damage is caused by casting as yet to have give line to any Coarse fish I have managed to hook. Also tried spraying my line with Silicon lubricant ( srew fix ) which did not make any difference apart from making the line float nicely, I prefer the Diawa ST mono the come in large spools. Summer time can find me casting
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