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  1. Tony Davies-Patrick. I made the mistake of buying one of his books.
  2. Looks like the almost certain roach x chub or chub x roach hybrids we regularly see on the Ribble. Isolated examples are known from other rivers, will be interesting to see if they start to show up with more frequency anywhere else. The red mark could be an infected cormorant mark, something viral like lymphocystis or have various other causes.
  3. Welcome to Lancashire, home of some fantastic fishing. I have a friend does a lot of u/l lure fishing for flatties, once you're settled I'll put you in touch. drop me a message or something, I barely use any forums nowadays though so I'll remind myself to check.
  4. Exactly. Licence checks are paid for by anglers, yet we receive very little tangible benefit back, in effect we are paying to generate a funding stream for government, actually reducing the amount of money available to fisheries from the ring-fenced revenue. The licence should be binned anyway, clean waterways and a healthy ecology should be a cost borne by a developed and mature democracy (cynical lol), with access to inland fisheries potentially available to every citizen who obtains the required permission from land/lease owners.
  5. The cost of the rod licence tax hasn't dropped (actually gone up this year), so anglers should be receiving virtually a stable level of service. The cost-cutting argument just doesn't work where that department is concerned. The contribution from government towards Fisheries has dropped it is true, but that was always the lesser sum. After higher water, fish may relocate and slowly repopulate from upstream, but if the entire ecology has been damaged they'll be struggling for food, and the habitats required for juvenile fish after any spawning just won't be in a fit state.
  6. Time to get your money's worth for the rod licence tax. Ask when full environmental surveys are being carried out, tell them you expect a call to invite you as observer, ask to see a written recovery plan. Give the EA a chance and they'll do nothing of any value. I've spent 3 months getting answers out of them over a pollution near here where they seem to be functioning more as a PR body for the polluters than anything else. Twitter is a good tool for this, they can't hide or delete it like they do with inconvenient questions on Facebook.
  7. Depends what the lighting is for. If purely to see the fish, and it's for freshwater, two of these will illuminate an aquarium that length, up to 80cm deep, very well. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00JB12E1C/ref=s9_dcacsd_bhz_bw_c_x_2 They can be mounted in any way that suits. I'm going to assume this is approximately a 5' x 3' x 2' aquarium? The LED strips just won't have the punch to get down in a deep aquarium.
  8. I was down the opposite end of the same stretch, t'other bank. Had a load of dace, small chub, roach, couple of trout and a hybrid plus three ickle barbel, biggest about 1.5lb. Still not really into the swing of it this season though.
  9. 30 minutes trapped tight by the hand with that weight? Don't think he'll be up to much with the magic tricks even if he keeps all his digits. Should have just given him a blunt penknife and left him to it.
  10. It's a sod, it spreads out from the shallows over deeper water, breaking up easily and each fragment could become a new plant. A good dragging during the year when necessary might help, in spite of this. With a boat it should be possible to use a bit more care, netting any fragments visible. Borrow a manatee from somewhere. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/296857/geho0110brzk-e-e.pdf http://wric.ucdavis.edu/information/natural%20areas/wr_N/Nymphoides.pdf
  11. Why does it have the aerators? I'd get some pike in there, they'll enjoy picking off the weaklings.
  12. I'd also go with N. peltata, sometimes called Water Pest, it can be very vigorous http://www.mindenpictures.com/search/preview/underwater-view-of-fringed-water-lily/0_90149987.html
  13. Who he? This time of year I'd go with post-spawning damage, maybe with some secondary bacterial infection. I was watching the roach spawn on a local water last week amongst the roots of marginal sallows, the margins were littered with spawned-out fish that looked like they'd been kicked up and down the bank, some of them looked like the fish above. I would have said that they were the females looking at the belly shape.
  14. Next Weds p.m. at Croft, near Winwick. Whether a member of not, chance to ask some questions http://www.anglingtrust.net/page.asp?section=835
  15. This coming Sunday there's an auction of fish and equipment with a focus on all things catfish in Darwen (easy to get to via the M65). Always some great buys to be had there. http://www.catfishstudygroup.org/core/events.php
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