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  1. answers: 1. None that i know 2. No 3. B 4. Reuben Heaten flyweights or weighmasters (normally go to 12lbs...two spins around a face devided into 6lb increments showing all 16oz in each pound)
  2. Must be in very good condition with spare spool. May consider the cheaper ST version if it the price was right.
  3. you will bag up float fishing bread for chub, unlikely to catch a barble though, although i am sure it happens.
  4. A friend of mine who is a charter skipper is currently undergoing the same problem, again some 60 year old fell of his boat while getting into the tender, moron, and somehow that is the skippers fault, despite the fact that he has been operating for nearly 10 years and this is the first time it has ever happened. The guy wasn't even seriously hurt i don't think, maybe a cut and a bruise.
  5. Anybody any experience with the korum kxi?
  6. Some soft plastics mate. Look for slug-gos in 4.5 inch size (whatever colour you want), plus texposer hooks, potentially some belly weights also, depending on how far you need to cast. small shads to be mounted on jig heads.
  7. The reason for the new reels is because i am fed up with the sticky rear drags on my shimano 5000 gte-c reels.
  8. Would appreciate opinions on these baitrunners from users; Daiwa regal 3500 x or z Shimano 4000 dl fa or the st fa okuma interceptor pro will be using them for tench on stillwaters and barbel on the bris and hampshire avons.
  9. That's great news. sadly I am in Cornwall now untill the end of the season so my river fishing season is over really. Can't wait to get back up and search for the striper though.
  10. With the river season drawing to a close my thoughts are starting to turn to stillwaters. My winter river target of a 2lb roach was a spectacular failure (however due to half my year being spent in Cornwall i can only river fish in short bursts) i am now looking towards my next disappointment (I thought about continuing the roach quest, only from a still water but decided that the only true 'two' is a river 'two'). I have decided that my first 3lb perch is in order (not the 'prime' time of year i know but still very do-able i think), and there is one local water that i reckon could produce one
  11. might be worth having a look on the fishtec site for one of matt hayes' TFG compact jobs, I imagine they would be good quality and well within the budget.
  12. Guys, you have confused me, what has line twist got to do with using a quivertip rod rather than a spinning rod?
  13. A shockleader is a heavy length of line tied to the end of your main line (google 'improved allbright knot') for when you need to cast heavy weights a long way. Mostly used in sea fishing for beach casting, especially the pendulum cast. however, these days it is also used in long range carping, when using a method feeder, or when casting very heavy leads on the big barbel rivers such as the trent. The idea is that you wind on enough shock leader to go around the reel at least four times plus the length of the rod and the drop down for the cast (distance between lead and rod tip when getting
  14. Their are swivels at either end of the wire trace. I wasn't just tying on a length of wire, I carry pre-made traces in the little lure box.
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