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  1. Ok Guys i now have a rod, i will swap both the reels for a nice baitcaster (multiplier) reel to use for pike perch and chub. Thanks
  2. Hi guys i have both the above reels, both work fine but could do with a service, the 505 has had the paint removed on the removable side cover for primmer. I am looking to swap them both for a usable baitcasting setup. I live in Bedfordshire and would like to meet to do the trade if possible. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info Guys. BoldBear i will be looking into VAC very soon matey.
  4. Hi Guys, could anyone give me any info on river lea at Batford, i know Verulam angling club used to use the river at Batford but do not think they do anymore. I have never caught river Barbel and would love to give it a go. Thanks
  5. Hi guys does anyone know if there is any free fishing in Harpenden, i was walking there the other day, looked over a road bridge in the town to see some magnificent Chub and some Barbel. If no free fishing, do you know of club that holds the rights to fish in the town. Thanks.
  6. Danez

    fishing hols

    I know this is an old thread but i would just like to say something about the price today. We went to the site and the place looks very nice indeedy. Anyway i thought it would make a nice xmas present for somebody, just two nights away piking on the river so we rang up to book it, it is done through an agency, and the price is the same for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, days so if your planning a couple of days away then be prepared to pay the full weeks price, which in my view is completely overpriced for just two days. Oh yes i forgot to say, There is an agency Fee on top of that as well lol. So
  7. Danez

    big Perch

    Ok guys hope someone will be able to help here. I live in Dunstable in bedfordshire, i do have car to get around, but because of my condition i am not really up for walking around lakes. What i would like to know is this. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find some big perch on the Lure, i dont expect them to be jumping out of the water at me, i understand that i will have to work for them. I went to Wilstone which is 10-15 min up the road to me because i used to fish it as a lad, thats around 45yrs ago lol, i am sure it was smaller then, it looks like they may have merged t
  8. Hi Guys and girls, i live in Bedfordshire (Dunstable) but have never fished in the town of Bedford, i understand it is free fishing on certain parts of the river. Could anyone advise me as to any chub swims on the free parts. Thank you.
  9. Cheers John. Anyone else got any info for me. Thanks
  10. Thanks andy, not a dedicated pike angler but i do like lure fishing for them in the winter. Also like spinning for perch on small rivers and canal.
  11. Thanks for sharing Andy, could i ask where you brought them mate please.
  12. Hi Chris, i use nero for straight forward dvd copying, but for converting from AVI to dvd i use " winAvi" you can convert most things to dvd with it, ( and vice versa ) i just use default settings which work for me, in this way i just have to click on one button.
  13. Hi guys, i have searched the net on my subject but with no joy. I want to go to france carp fishing, but i want to know of any places where you can fish for carp on a day ticket so to speak. I do like the look of eltons post concerning the " drive and survive " but dont want to be limited to the one place. So can anyone give some advice, dont mind traveling couple hours from port. Thanks
  14. Thanks guys, wont sit out there again cooking like a plonker lol.
  15. Looks like we are in for some rain today, might go back and try again at weekend. Thanks
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