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  1. Use it when I can get hold of it.
  2. Cargo trousers...army surplus jobbies, labrynth of pockets to lose things in.
  3. So we are back to blaming it on immigrants then.
  4. Cannot remember how good my memory is. Gets better after a few pints though.
  5. Just rubs salt in the wound I would rather be fishing rather than watching some nitwit fishing.
  6. Competition has been a bit stiff in the past... walking on the water etc and massive fish barbecues in the area.
  7. It is always sad to note the passing of another person who shares a love of fishing. It is a good time to collect those positive memories & stories to remember for longer when the days get shorter.
  8. OK, if the fishery/ club wants a pink duvet and a bunk bed for the fish I suggest they ought to provide em otherwise we will be transferring tons of foreign mussels about the place. Would a separate caravan for the fish to recover in be a possible compromise? I haven't seen a suitable sized cradle for my whip fishing. I am hoping that this will be a pocket sized one. How long a snooze do the fish need before I put em back in the pond? Am I allowed to just tip em all in (whoosh) or is there an agreed procedure to release them (twice tickled under the chin and a friendly chat before sub
  9. Taken the time to appreciate fishing with my old 11 ft cane rod instead of coveting a glass fibre rod. Taken every opportunity while I was young to get out on my local rivers but then I would never have become a family man. Talked more to those strange fishing blokes on the river instead of just watching them.... so much experience just lost.
  10. No question is ever too daft. My vote would be ...head for a river and you are more likely to find the chub and perch who are used to flowing water...... have a float.....have fun.
  11. The biggest problem with chilling maggots in the fridge is the rest of the family. I fail to see why a pint of maggots needs to be met with hysterical screaming and a day in therapy. I have tried some of those arguments about minimising the the maggots in the boot, but it tends to be met with a pile of 'em on the drive when I come home the next day. Seriously though, Picking the Maggots out of the carpet in the boot of the car is a real winner at the village show ( how many can you put in the tub in a minute for 10p) and much more inclusive than wellie wanging. If you really do not want
  12. Did this lake have a green railing all the way round?
  13. Not glass...... Check out Ebay for hardwoods http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1284-MERANTI-HARDWOOD-TIMBER-JOBLOT-OFF-CUTS-/261477091021?pt=UK_BOI_Building_Materials_Supplies_Carpentry_Woodwork_ET&hash=item3ce13fc6cd Look for a deadstock market and check out the timbers there. At my local one there is often pieces of hardwood thrown out by double glazing and boat building companies.
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