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  1. Does anyone know where i can make free buisness cards of good quality pleasee??? thanks Nathan
  2. I have lost the contact details for Gyrn castle, LLanasa, North Wales. I want to go fishing there on wednesday but have lost the phone number to book it. Can anyone help me
  3. rabster rabster!!! u clever g!t. thanks to all my gay friends out there.
  4. i just had to. sorry mate.
  5. Click here Always thought the truth would come out.
  6. me

    up to date

    hahaha! i can get a well gud signal here compared to sum places in england. Ye i am confused now. whats a spod launcher?
  7. fair enuff a couple of beers but how could you limit it to say 3-4 beers per angler? :confused:
  8. me

    up to date

    ok sorry i will have to say that again. it dont make sense at all what i mean is, is there any new hi tech fishing gear that has recently been introduced to the sport. :confused:
  9. I as a youngster think it should be banned as it spoils it for everyone. A good day out angling can be spoilt easily by loud fishermen/women. once i was fishing with my mate and these lads where there they were 'fishing' but throwin all sorts in the swim. we just left. And with anglers who have had a alot to drink they're more than likely to harm the fish well not respect it as much at least. Would be a good rule but how do you enforce it?
  10. me

    up to date

    No it isnt for my site as that fell to pieces. i just wanted a bit of advice. i know what they are i nearly bought 2 for £30 from my local tackle shop. is there any new stuff like hi tech gear or like some of these baits i hear of, that confuses me totally. :confused:
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