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  1. I'm hankering for a river so will have to wait for June 16th anyway.
  2. Thanks Keith. I've actually been a member since 02. Kinda lost some of the flavour with the onset of the Carp pandemic. I got my first blank from an angler ever in response to "Any good?". He was a Carp fisherman. It seems likely from today that we can go fishing so I'll go through your list with more enthusiasm. Thank you for taking the trouble. Regards. Paul
  3. I haven't been fishing for some time now after being a fanatic for most of my life but recently I've been getting a real hankering to just sit by some lily pads on a lake or a slow running riverand ponder as we do. Don't want matches or busy. Just want something to belong to. Used to belong to Canterbury and District, who have some great waters but I'm in Medway and looking for something closer to home. Of course the current situation makes things impossible but a little homework doesn't hurt does it. Sort of like the old days when we had a proper close season and dreamt of June 16th. So any reccommends guys?
  4. I'm amazed that no-one's mentioned "Favourite Swims" by Fred J Taylor. More inspiring than anything else and I loved it. Worth the read if only for the Dick Walker chapter where he hangs up a sack of dead Rooks and goes back when they were "dripping". I believe it's been reprinted recently.
  5. Like your thinking Worms but can only have .22lr cos my perms are too small. Will work on getting something bigger soon but I'm quite happy with the Anchutz and the FAC air (when I find one).
  6. When using the extra length of the Archer N/V side focus is a must have. AO is just too far to reach. Not fussed about IR but would like it for the fac air for roosting woodies where everything is dark. IR must be on the side though.
  7. What's the mag and model on the Bushnell?
  8. Having recently got my ticket I need an fac airgun (looking for a Rapid 7) and later a shotgun. I've already got a very nice Anchutz 1417 .22LR with a thumbhole stock with a Sidewinder 30 3-12x50 but I'd like to get some better quality glass such as A Monarch 3 x16 or a Vortex viper pst x16 or similar. I do want something without the IR on the eyebell because I use an Archer add on and I want something that focuses down to below 50yds. Well you did ask.
  9. I need to fund a new riflescope so I'm thinking of selling my Allcocks Super Wizard. Not an early one with the rectangular green/black label but does have an extra top that's about six inches shorter than the norm. I also have a (apparently) rare Ivan Marks tornado match rod which still has the shrink wrap on the handle and has never been used. Any ideas on what they might be worth and the best place to sell them? Thanks. Paul
  10. Thanks Manxman, I would do just that if I had one. Am looking to buy at the moment and trying to get all the logistics sorted out before I commit to anything. Have called Ocean a couple of times but they're obviously not there over the w/end. Will try again tomorrow. At the moment I'm driving a Citroen Dispatch and I'm almost sure it's not enough. I just need to get it home for now and I'll probably put it on a mooring. Once I know the weight I can work the rest out. If necessary I have a perfectly good VW LT35 on SORN. I'd rather put that back on the road than pay someone to pick it up.
  11. Can anyone give me a rough idea of the weight of a Wilson Flyer 20ft or a Nab 21ft with outboard and trailer please? Thanks.
  12. Hi Guys! Thinking about getting a boat. Maybe a Wilson Flyer or that kind of size. Don't have anywhere to keep a trailer and don't really want the hassle so I'm thinking about moorings. Can someone give me an idea of where to look and a rough idea of the cost? Thinking about Whitstable/Herne Bay but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.
  13. My first thought was a camping shop. They prolly have a load of broken fibreglass tent poles though I doubt they'll run to 22mm. However fibreglass is a doddle to work with and the size can easily be built up. Basically you have two basic types, little bits for filling, chopped strand mat (CSM) and cloth types for lots of uses. When soaked in a mix of resin and hardener the whole thing goes rock hard and can be filed/sanded to shape. Any fibreglass supplier will sort you out and explain how to do it. Good luck with it. Just had a thought. You could shape a piece of wood and wrap the fibreglass around that.
  14. You saw what Elton???? You can't just throw out a mailshot and not follow it through. I visit here less and less because of the ever increasing amount of commercialism. It's like one huge advert. Very disappointing.
  15. How out of touch am I? Just finished reading the 2005 debate on crays. Will seek out some later ones. Paul
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