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  1. Poleaxe


    Sounds like "Black head", RUDD? Near Porthpean. Could well be a number of other places, that's just my guess
  2. Something along these lines do the job nicely: http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/pole-elastic-protectors I would also agree with the consensus of 6-8 elastic. If I had to lean more towards one it would be an 8 but that's just because of nuisance fish already mentioned.
  3. I will be getting mine soon. I like to keep all of the old ones with the new one inside my wallet. I do like the different picture's each year. Can't wait until the evenings pull out so I can get some sessions in after work.
  4. I would just love to have a coarse river to fish down here in Cornwall. I know of plenty of brown trout in leat's and small streams but nothing else. I've never even fished them apart from when I was a small boy with a friend and a small net, poking around in the undercuts.
  5. Great report and a brilliant fish. So good to see someone persevering against the odds and getting a result like that. Three years ago when I first got back into coarse fishing (since childhood pond dangling) a friend of mine caught a 3lb 2oz perch from a small stunted rudd filled venue. I have since seen the fish. It chased a skimmer I caught to the surface and turned away through the lillies. Since we have improved at fishing and have learnt how special that fish was it has often been on my mind. This thread has inspired me to really have a good go at catching it over the next 12 months.
  6. That to me is a crucian. Not going by any lateral line counts or anything scientific. Just by looks and colour. Looks like many crucians I have caught from one of the lakes I fish. I catch them on another lake and they are all very deeply bodied but that other lake they are all more sleek like the one pictured above. I could very well be wrong but that's the vibe I get from the picture. Someone with more knowledge will be able to guarantee either way, I'm sure. Now I've just got to hope I answered the right question haha.
  7. A great collection of pictures! I never tire of aerial lightening shots.
  8. Very nice fish, good angling. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Good luck if you do get round to it. I expect there are plenty of fish to be caught. It's a sad state of affairs when personal safety is such a worry just for a spot of day time fishing. Sadly it is the case though.
  10. Always wondered if fish did venture further than the riverbanks during floods. Sad to see, I hope it's not too widespread. The media say it wont do too much damage in the long run but I wouldn't trust their word 100%. Could well be right but I'm sure some on here have a better idea on things either way.
  11. I haven't managed to get out for ages due to work. Now I'm off the weather is terrible. Going to try and get to my club lake in the next few days and either float fish some maggots in the margins and see what turns up or try for some bream in the open water with a feeder. Looks like it's been nasty all round weather wise. Tomorrow afternoon down my way might be a dry patch with low winds. Here's to hoping. Good luck to anyone that does get out.
  12. I think it's a question they have to ask because of the general stupidity of the UK these days. I bet they have had people go there with knee or rib problems in the past. Either that or they might have a special 'gum' dentist, ha. I personally just go to my local emergency dentist (located in a local small "hospital") if I ever need work done. It costs £16 a trip but I'll take that for the one time I've been there and to have a problem tooth removed and out of the door within 45 minutes including waiting time and procedure time.
  13. I love fishing for bream, not a popular choice but I do really enjoy it. Seeing this fish has really wanted me to shake this man flu, get out of my bed and get to the lake! Incredible catch. I agree with those that have said that a big bream looks magnificent, they do in my eyes. Beauty.
  14. As a hook bait I'd be quite happy using corn as an overall 'most types of fishing' bait if I could choose just one although worms would be a more versatile bait. With so many variations of species and methods of fishing it's hard to pick just one. Would I be able to catch rudd/roach on my chosen bait to use them for pike deadbaits or would that count as a different bait? I was catching perch on tiny rudd the other day and that was so much fun so I wouldn't want to lose the ability to do that Just realised I answered a question that wasn't really asked but I'm going to leave it there anywa
  15. Haha, that's great. Would like to steal that one for myself one day!
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