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    sports:<br /><br />Fishing (perch)<br />Football (manchester united)<br />rugby union (northampton saints)<br />mountain biking<br />tennis is ok.<br /><br />music:<br /><br />muse <br />iron maidon<br />mettallica<br />foo fighters<br />greenday<br />U2<br />the who<br />system of A down<br />pink floyd are ok<br />queen are ok.<br /><br />thats all the stuff that I like I can think of at the moment
  1. I love 2 fish for perch, although it is fun with maggots to just to plop a float into a likely looking swim and catch small roach. This is my list in order: Perch! roach bream pike tench zander chub carp rudd dace eel alot of my chioce son this list however are toi do with my tackle. In my opinion carp are overated so much, its its own sport now, you get coarse, game, sea and carp fishing. I like the fish though.Will fish them in a couple of years when I gain some confidence (and some skill) I will fish for them.
  2. do you have to buy a fishing premit for each place you fish as well as a rod licence? How old are your kids lindyloo? 12-16 yr olds can get a years rod licence for a fiver. You were seriosly ripped. the EA website is probably the best place to go for a fishing licence.
  3. Could anyone tell me of any good perch venues in northamptonshire? preferably without pike because I dont have a wire traace and my rods not strong enough. Cheers Dan.
  4. Thank you all, I feel settled at this forum already. That being said already have posted a couple of topics already.
  5. Title says it all really. Apparently they are the biggest brand in Australia. thanks in advance. prendy
  6. Thanks For all of your advice, it is much apprecieted. Next time I get out I will Pre bait, And lure fish, but if it does not work I will do the cool worm thing.
  7. good to no that my computers not dying. cheers for telling me newt. I suppose you will not tell me off for spamming if I post alot untill I get to that magical number 15? I suppose you do it to stop spam and stuff but it is quite annoying. Prendy
  8. cheers micheal, do you mean putting maggots on the lures hooks as well as prebaiting? I am desperate to use my catapult. dan
  9. Hi I want to go fishing for perch will this work? Look at a likely area for perch like some reeds. Prebait with maggots to hopefully draw in some roach and therefor bringing in some perch. Caste a lure out and retreave beat I can. Can you also give me any other infomation to help me start off. cheers Dan
  10. Hi newt! cheers for the warm Welcome. On this website why does it take so long to post stuff. Thats why I posted twice because I thourght It hadnt done it properly?!
  11. our rod licences pay to clean up this, why dont the people who caused it pay for it? I bet the fish that will survive best is the tench.
  12. cheers for the welcome john, this looks like a great forum. lots of adverts but there all to do with fishing so I dont care! who are the perch specialists, I need some advice? cheers Dan prendy (prendergast is my full surname)
  13. cheers john! I have benn looking at this website for a couple of days now and after reading the posts I'd say that this probably the most helbfull angling forumon the web. Who are these perch specialists I would love to ask them for advice. cheers Dan prendy
  14. hello I am a coarse angler , just started, and interested in perch. I wil move onto pike when I have a stronger rod. I like spinning.
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