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  1. Does anybody know if the series he's done are available on DVD?? As our holiday get's closer in hungry for as much info as i can get my hands on. I must also say thanks to all who replied to my last thread with helpful info, really looking forward to getting going with Sea fishing now and hopefully get a bend or two in the rod.
  2. Simon, Thats great, thanks for that, i'm even going to print this and take it with me for reference when i'm there. Will you be having a waggle while you are there? Cheers Bryan
  3. Have rung them, they did upgrade it as the item i wanted was not in stock, they said have a go with it if you don't like it give us a call back. So, i'm happy with that Just need to find an excuse to get out and try it without letting on i've got some new gear
  4. Seems to be about £15 - £20 quid depending on where you look on the tinterweb.
  5. Then i will give them a call and ask them to collect it, but i'm not paying to send it back to them as they screwed the order up and sent something i did not order. Cheers
  6. Yup totally 100% positive. I ordered an Alivio and got a Hyperloop.
  7. Hmmmmmmm Dilemma I ordered my rod and it arrived, BUT it's not what i ordered, i have been sent a Shimano Hyperloop not a Shimano Alivio, it's still a 13ft Fixed spool 4-8oz CWT and a quick search on the net reveals it's a more expensive rod I called my card company and i have been billed for the cheaper Alivio. Not sure what to do now
  8. My usual trick is to put the new stuff into old boxes, if she see's a new box or rod bag she will investigate, but with an old one she just ignores them Mind you i'm gonna get caught out one of these days.
  9. Ok, thanks for that, looks loke a visit to one of the tackle shops in the area when we arrive as the shops around here don't do sea stuff :mad: Will send the missus around padstow while i sneak into the tackle shop, any idea's on what bait to use when float fishing and beachcasting.......oooooooh posty has arrived with my beach rod must find some where to hide it from the boss.
  10. Hi Scotty, Yes I have still got my carp gear which I still use for Pike and thought I may be able to use it for sea if it is suitable for the situation, I have plenty of plugs & spoons that I use for pike so i'm guessing they will also be ok for sea??? If only i could find away to use my delkims as well
  11. Doh :mad: Try again. If the technology works this is a link to a picture. The area i will be fishing is at the bottom of the pic below the whole in the headland. http://www.westwind.co.uk/westwind/cornwal...ifs/trevone.jpg
  12. If the technology works this is a link to a picture. The area i will be fishing is at the bottom of the pic below the whole in the headland.
  13. The beach that we will use the most is rocks all the way out to low water at on end and sand at the other end, I thought of fishing on the edge where the sand and rocks meet as the tide pushes in with mackrel strip and maybe squid. But as I am new to this i'm open to any idea's.The rocks around the lifeboat station and the light house look inviting but i'm not confident enough to fish them on my own. We went to rick stein's new fish and chip shop at the end of the harbour last year, very nice, not cheap but nice. The restaurant is far to rich for my blood. Sad thing is, I have been going
  14. Good afternoon, We are going on holiday to Trevone (cornwall) for the first 2 weeks in may and i'd like to get some beach/rock fishing done while we are there(provided I can sneak the gear into the car without her spotting it) I'm very new to sea angling and have only just started after giving up on the carp due to the a$$holes who currently infest the sport. So, what would i like to know..well.......baits, location, rigs infact any advice you have would be appreciated. I have the basic gear but nothing fancy and really i'd just like to catch something, not to bothered what, just
  15. Carpnut


    Yes they do exist, and they live here among us.... Michael Jackson (Chamielien, changes colour to suit planet), Bjork(Scandinavial Madlien), and of course George Michael (Gaylien)
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