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  1. Ill be going to Rudyard lake this week with bream in my sights. So what I wanted to know was has anyone fishing Rudyard before for Bream and what advice could you give?. Tight lines Dan
  2. I have a JRC relaxer recliner chair and i want to take the arms of it as I use it for general fishing and sometimes when i go to strike I catch my arm on the arm rests. I can take the front brackets of but the screws at the rear of the arm rest are so tightly put on im rounding the screws, so I want to know if anyone has taken them off and how have you done it? thanks.
  3. They are both fantastic answers and have definitely cleared the mist from my glasses on this subject thanks fellas. I hope to use a pole in the near future thanks for clearing that up for me.
  4. I am very confused by pole fishing. The reason is because I can never understand that when it comes to fishing at large depths with a pole how do you do it?. When I watch pole fisherman break down the pole to land a fish they often break the pole down to the very tip but woudl they have to leave extra sections on if they were fishing very deep water?. So in a simple form how to you fish deep water with a pole?. I would appreciate a very detailed answer if possible please. Thank you.
  5. Hello there. Im wondering the way I would do a Simple dead bait ledger pike rig would be with a 3oz lead weight. But i've seen in many angling books people just use 3 or 4 swannies, but with a 3oz lead you can tell if the rig is too shallow, as the lead totally buries the float and you would then adjust the depth. But with 3 or 4 swan shot they are not heavy enough to sink the big pike float so how would I tell if my rig is too shallow. Many thanks Dan.
  6. hmm yeah in reply to RUDD i never would have given a second thought to carrying my rod quiver on my back but i shall have to scale down my gear in order to carry my tackle safely. but there are many ways.
  7. Hello there. Im wondering does anybody on the forum have experience transporting a lot of fishing tackle by bicycle. By a lot i mean at least 2 rods, tackle bag, chair ect. I am asking this question as I will soon be transporting my fishing tackle by bicycle but I would like to hear of someone that has experienced doing this. Many thanks Dan.
  8. KISS keep it simple stupid its an acronym
  9. What is it with all these carpers and all this high-tech gear they use and flippin chod rigs and what not. I mean c'mon get real yes they catch fish but whats with all this complexity. Rig rings puty absolute rubbish. KISS keep it simple stupid.
  10. Wow thanks fellas for the help I will definitely purchase a copy of that book and a suppose practice makes perfect thanks alot guys.
  11. When I float fish I always end up tangling wether that be wrapping the rod tip or tangling my rig up. HELP. Im sick and tired of tangling up it genuinely puts me of float fishing if I have to float fish i dread it. Can anyone help me?
  12. Hey im new as well im a little confused as how to use the site at the moment anyone wanna help lol
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