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  1. Afternoon all! It's been a long time since I've been on here. Was pleasantly surprised I remembered the password! Anyway, managed to get out on the bank last weekend. I say bank, I mean Beach/Ledges. Was nice to get out, but was surprised by some other anglers actions. Have a read here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/trip-99-pootlin-around-portland.html
  2. Well the day has finally arrived! The end of the coarse fishing river season... Cue the "Should there really be a closed season?" debate. Fact is, there is a closed season, so now we have to wait. Which is flipping annoying as I had so many plans last year which for obvious reasons didn't materialise. Maybe this year will be different... Anyway, I managed to get out on the bank for a few (very early) hours on Sunday, and was keen to at least wet a line, given that it has been so flipping long! I went, I cast, I caught. It was great. Really looking forward to trying to head back out there in June after summer Chub! Although I did see some very keen Pikers using very questionable gear... I didn't stop to ask them where they were from or how they were getting on (though one sounded slightly Eastern European), but they didn't seem keen on sticking around when they saw the dog... You can have a read all about it here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/trip-95-last-day-dalliance.html
  3. Evening all! My new fishing blog is now online. It's quite a short one this week, and one which will probably provide some laughs. Will need some advice on some a suitable replacement though. You can have a read here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/trip-92-wetter-than-otters-pocket.html
  4. What a couple of weeks it has been. In and out of hospital, hardly any chance to get on the bank in between rain showers, fixing the shed and fixing the shed again. I did manage a short session and despite the absolutely dismal weather I managed to catch a couple of winter carp. It was a good few hours and good to wet a line. You can have a read about it here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/trip-91-higher-farm-lower-lake.html
  5. Well what a few weeks! The little one is home, growing and everything else that he should be. Still getting use to the noises he makes, but no one ever tells you the noises that babies make. Anyway, I am now mid way through my paternity and in light of wanting something to do I have dug out and published some blog posts from towards the end of last year. One was an incredibly productive Carp fishing session at Higher Farm. The long delay in having a cold snap meant the fish were very active quite late on this year so catching them was a lot easier than I anticipated. There are a few lakes on the venue so I'll be returning soon to try the others. You can read all about it here - Paul on Coarse Fishing: Trip #89 - Higher Farm - Higher Lakes - Lake 2 The next was a trip of a different kind. Sea fishing. More specifically - Spinning in the sea. I am very much a novice at this at am looking forward to trying a few new venues over the coming months. The bass as supposed to be around from March, so that's when 'll aim to catch them (although given the new regulations there'll be none for the table... Thanks EU legislation, blaming the little man for big boy issues). Anyway, it was a tough morning, but an enjoyable one none the less. You can read about this coastal adventure here - Paul on Coarse Fishing: Trip #90 - Early Morning Spin Class
  6. Despite it being mid December a few weeks ago it was actually quite warm, which will explain the photo in the post. A recent trip back to Wales and a few hours spare meant we (3 generations of Murphy's) could get out on the fly for a few hours and chase some last minute puddle pigs before the water temperature really started dropping off. In all honesty though, I've caught the odd Carp at this place in mid winter, off the surface. The just needed a bit of gentle persuading! The place is stuffed full. You can have a read of it here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/trip-88-back-at-bills.html
  7. Well blow me down! What a catastrophically busy 3 months it has been. It's been a long while since I've visited a bankside. All feels a bit odd really and although things haven't calmed down in the slightest I have been ordered to rest up, because when things return to normal (not that they will ever be quite normal again) I'm going to need all my energy. The long and short is I now have a new fishing partner. Although he may not know it yet. I had it all planned out and was going to head the Shearwater on the Sunday and have a truly epic bream session. Nope on the Friday we paid a trip to the Fetal Medicine Unit and were both told "He's got to come out!" ... My son was born at 29 weeks! The list was unfortunately long of reasons why he had to come out, but at the moment, and aged 6 weeks he is a whopping 4lb 9oz, albeit he is quite short even with his prematurity. Obviously fishing was instantly halted, blogging too, and to a certain extent, my own well being. For any of you who've read my blog over the last 2 / 3 years may remember I have a chronic illness (CIDP) which means if I don't rest after I've pushed myself I am F'd! That really began to show a few weeks back and have been fighting over a relapse ever since, but being a NICU parent is never easy or calm or relaxing, so rest does not come easily currently. Anyway, back on track I have a new fishing partner! I've already been telling him and my wife how much additional stuff I'll NEED to buy him to ensure he takes to fishing successfully. I cannot wait to get the little fella home, and restart our lives, and when the time comes - teach him as much as possible about fishing. Anyway, I was sitting here thinking "hang on I have a few blogs written up and ready to go..." So for those of you who are interested in my slightly outdated fishing escapades by all means have a read here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/trip-88-long-load-drain.html I've got a few to go on, so watch this space. I should hopefully get a few more on over the coming days. Until then, I hope you guys are all well and the fish have been biting.
  8. 2 of my most recent posts have just gone online. I'm not going to lie, after receiving some fairly substantial news everything seems to have sped up apart from my blog writing and now I have a substantial backlog. One of my posts involved a recent trip to an incredibly reliable Carp venue, and the other post is something a bit different but incredibly worthwhile. Have a read here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/
  9. Evening all, just finished writing up one of my most recent fishing trips. These trips are actually in South Wales... Trying my very best to catch up, but looking at a screen for 8 hours a day doesn't inspire you to get home and spend a few hours writing blog posts. Anyway, here is my most recent post. Was a day of thirds. 2/3's rivers 1/3 lake. Had fun and learnt that natural venues have a way of reminding you catching fish isn't a given. Rounded it off with several Carp. You can have a read here - Paul on Coarse Fishing: Trip #85 - Bubbling Brooks and Cruising Carp.
  10. Afternoon all, bit of a delay in getting this post online, life has been so flipping busy recently. That said I've managed to get my most recent blog written up and online. Was a great day (initially) with plenty of fish... until disaster struck... Had to resort to traditional methods... Fortunately I still managed a few.. For all the (expensive) details you can read the full report here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/trip-84-avalon-fishery-moore-lake.html
  11. Afternoon folks, I've just got my most recent fishing blog online. This one has 2 fold reasoning, 1. It's getting to that time of year 2. A recent request by a blog reader. Obviously everyone's take on making it is different but this is my tried and tested pellet paste recipe. Have a read here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/pellet-paste-made-easy.html Any questions, please shout.
  12. Evening all, Just managed to get a new blog online, was only a quick trip for me this time but I only had a few hours spare. I headed out to a nearby fishery and aimed for some of the resident Carp in the afternoon sun. Was a nice day out and managed a low double ad was then visited on the bank by a large group of spectators. Check it out here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/trip-82-higher-kingcombe-floaters.html
  13. I'm in a bit of a waiting period now. The river season is just under a month off and I feel as though I'm biding my time before I can get out there after some Chub, Roach and River Tench. But until then I find myself filling my time by visiting new venues (new to me) and seeing what they have to offer. I wasn't really expecting a great deal when I made my decision to fish Mangerton Mill fishing lake. I was very pleasantly surprised to say I was very, very wrong. This place is absolutely stuffed full of quality fish, from a few lbs to well over 20+. I cannot wait to go back, catch Carp at all depths in the water as well as a myriad of other species. This includes clonking great big roach and absolutely huge Perch (which oddly seem to favour sweetcorn) I'm looking forward to getting back there and trying to winkle out a proper lump on paste, and aim to giving it another whirl over the next few weeks. Until then read how I got on here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/trip-81-mangerton-mill.html
  14. The rise in temperature has really brought the fish on since my last visit to the Viaduct. I took the father in law there for a good day out and it was fair too say we both had one. and Have a read here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/trip-80-viaduct-match-lake.html
  15. So one of my most recent trips, and my most recent write up involved a trip to a "middle of nowhere fishery". Very scenic, off the beaten track (despite being very close to my house) bad sadly not well maintained. I gave it a good go, and tried various tactics, but sadly only silvers came calling, and they were a bit sporadic. Still a nice day out and a trip which really tested some of things you may not always consider on regular trips to commie, it left my thinking, "was this what fishing was like before commercials?" No wonder 15lb of silvers was considered a good day!. Have a read here - http://coarsefishingpaul.blogspot.co.uk/ My next write up is of a belter of day at the Viaduct!
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