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  1. Big Well Fly Fishery.Redbrook.Monmouth.01600772904.www.bigwellflyfishery.co.uk There are new managers there,Gary and Sue.The fishery has been greatly improved with the removal of trees and the weed dredging on all four of the lakes.The stocking policy has improved with fish to 12lb being stocked on a regular basis.They come from Exmoor.The fish are free rising in the spring and stream fed lakes and can be clearly seen.Gary wants you to catch his fish whether you are on catch and kill ticket or catch and release and will give you good advice as to how to catch them.They continue to cook food w
  2. As an update now it is a new year.Like most venues the heavy rain has raised levels and coloured the water.Kingfisher is coloured at the moment but fish are rising and chasing fry in the shallows,they are being caught on buzzers and black lures on various lines.Bacon sarnies are back on the menu,for the angler not the fish.
  3. Just to let everyone know that i have patched up my differences with Kingfisher and fishing there again.Also they are doing a limited supply of hot food again,bacon butties etc.Even though the weather has been a little"inclement" lately the fishing has been good.Had 6 on sporting ticket in the morning on black lures on inter line.Merry Xmas to everyone. {moved to this section from Fly Fishing. Advertising for fisheries does not belong in the fishing content sections. Newt}
  4. Can thoroughly recommend this fishery.Set in a valley just outside Carmarthen with very hard fighting superbly finned rainbows regularly stocked by the owner Mr.Preston.Two lakes with maximum depth of 9ft.Fair amount of weed but lot of it has been removed.Fish are free rising all over the lakes and readily take dry flies.At present taking montanas,and black dries.Cats whisker goes very well at times.Prices vary but £20 for two fish or same price for kill one fish and C&R five fish.There is only one bank that is not safe to cast from as there are telegraph wires behind.There is a hut with t
  5. Went to this fly fishery on 17/8/2012.Can highly recommend it even though it poured down with rain almost all day and is 30+ miles from where i live.The fishing was hard but very enjoyable as the owners Colin and Chrsitine are very good hosts.Colin is very honest about the fishing and will show you the receipts for his stocking and which fly is best for the day.His fish come from Exmoor fisheries.The breakfasts are only £4 and you need a rest before fishing,clean toilet with disabled access.Lots of tackle for sale and C&R and catch and kill tickets.Open from 7.30 am and plenty of parking.
  6. Sorry to say but after fishing this venue for at least 20 years i will no longer be going there.Rang them the other day to find out what fishing was like and the manager Christine was very rude.When i asked about weed control she was very offhand and queried why i wanted to know.Thet had sprayed recently and i wanted to know if there was any effect.Having texted the owner(Dennis) about her manner on the phone his reply was that he was "sad to lose my custom".
  7. Please note that food will not be available at this venue until after 5/5/2012.Also the lake is closed on that day for a private function.
  8. Dave G


    A Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone.Just because its this time of the year again doesnt mean you cant continue to Fling your Fluff(Fly Fishing Jargon).Tight Lines.
  9. Dave G


    I apologise for my last contact in regard to Airflo lines.I was not adfvertising merely passing on to other anglers the information for cheaper tackle rather than buying from the original source thus saving a lot of money.
  10. {admin note: Original content removed. Dave G, please try making a few posts where you don't seem to be advertising anything or else post in the selling/buying section. Newt}
  11. As the clocks have gone back the C&R day ticket has been reduced from £14 to £10.No limit on amount of fish caught and returned.
  12. Recently spent three days with a fishing mate in Wales.We went to Puddleduck Fishery by Haverfordwest and did C&R for £10 morning session.When the fish were hooked it was like trying to hold on to a train,they really fight well, and it is well stocked.When fish are taken they restock with the same size.The next day we fished Whitehouse Mill Fishery outside Whitland,needless to say it poured down somewhat.We did the £15 for three fish ticket as they do not do C&R.Again the fishing was superb,platforms to cast off and shelters around the lake to dry off.The fish tend to remain in shoals
  13. Hello all.I am new to this so any spelling mistakes i apologise for. I fish Kingfisher Trout Lake at Bromyard in Herefordshire twice a week and can assure you it is well worth the visit.A new website is being developed as the old one is well out of date.Its four and a half acres set in rural countryside.It is run by Christine and her husband Darren but still owned by Dennis Wall.The fishing is superb,hard fighting rainbows and some browns if you are very lucky but they must be returned.I fish catch ad release which is very good value at £8 for morning or afternoon sessions.There are catch and
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