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  1. I have some Stems small perch, chub or pike plugs for sale only £1.25 each inc P&P. All are the same pattern so you can be creative and buy a few and repaint them as you want them. Click on the address below to find out more and see picture. cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...7137340651&rd=1
  2. Had nearly the same article written in the Lowestoft Journal this week with the same reasons but including wind farms as a " possible " reason as well, lol. Had similar written in the GT Yarmouth Mercury as well. Do you think they all come from the same ilk? I do.
  3. I would try MFA Winter, because their battery is about £11 and the charger will be the same or less
  4. Hmmm, Fixed spools cut down your distance and i suppose Paul Kerry didnt cast over 250 yrds with an old Daiwa egg wisk over 15 years ago and Rodney Carter from Sea Angling mag only managed to squeeze out over 250 yrds backcasting with a conoflex Red Heat in 1989 in a rod test using an egg-wisk. Maybe one or two people would not aggree with that comment from East Anglia, home of the Gt Yarmouth (back cast)using fixed spool.
  5. Hi. I wouldn't go for the thunderbolt beach lamp because all it does is light up the beach but get one if you use tip lights on your rods.But the MFA headlamps are good for the money and you get 3 bright leds and 1 halogen bulb so you can flick from one to the other depending on what you are doing.Should last up to 14 hours using equal amounts of lighting with halogen and leds, £19.99. Tip for using multi at night is cast and then look at the spool as soon as lead has gone and hit spool with thumb as soon as spool stops turning. Works for me and most tournement casters but dont wait as long a
  6. Can anybody tell me if the 12 foot 1 1/2 TC rod is any good for barbel or tench fishing and how much did it cost new please? :confused:
  7. Hi Peter, you didnt tell me that. Well, maybe you can help me and a few other broads anglers then. Why is it we love the smell of bream and the lovely slime they leave in our landing nets and carp anglers dont? There, straight to the point and may bag a troll as well. Also i will ask you some more probing questions like this when you come back into my shop next time and maybe talk about using carp as livebait for coypu like they used to do in the old days
  8. Cheers Sandtiger, does he work there then?
  9. Hi. Can anybody give me a email address or contact number for Rodney Carters who used to write for Sea Angler Mag. He did a review for the Conoflex Red Heat Tournament backcaster rod in 1989. I heard that a mate of his was looking for one a while ago and i have got one of the few that were made up for sale.
  10. Hi. I would try smart rig uk as he makes all kinds of sea rigs and they are very good. http://cnb-host1.clickandbuild.com/cnb/sho...categories-null Click on my link and you will go to his home page and im positive you will find what you are looking for.
  11. I have been to Malta 3 times over the last 7 years but not fishing (busmans holiday if i did)but the locals do catch many small fish using poles in the grand harbour and on the rocky outcrops around St Pauls Bay. Didnt see many charter boats though, but they do fish for some type of large mackeral and maybe swordfish because they do serve it up for lunch sometimes.May get a charter boat from selima quay. I have a timeshare apartment in St pauls bay if you want to go in september next year,LOL
  12. I would like to say that we ( Tackle X Change)have sold over 600 packets of fish n strips to sea anglers all over the country and many shops are now stocking them. Also carp seem to like them as well, pole fishing for them anyway. Best carp last week was 14lb.12oz from a Norwich lake.I bet cat fish like them too.Get some carp anglers to try them out i reckon.
  13. Hey Elton, your 10lb Bass has just been matched by someone that bought a pack off me last week. He had a lot of pout,whiting and small bass and ran out of bait so he tried the fish n strip on the hook and had one bass 6lb and another 10lb. Am waiting for his pics to be sent through so he may replace you on the fish n strips poster LOL.
  14. Peter, what are u saying? camou condoms for carp anglers?, not being able to find them when u want them, men sleeping togather in a tent. Why would u want condoms when u are fishing with your mates? Or do u know more about this than we do after your first camp, oops, carp fishing week last summer.
  15. Who is that strange looking person on the front page?? I will not be taking casting lessons from im sure.I also see that on the last photo of his strange cast that it looks like his reel has frapped up as well!!!!! I went out and bought a copy just to see what he looked like and im scared ... lol
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