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  1. quote: Originally posted by RobStubbs: I have an excellent, more local, shop so maybe I'm spoiled Rob. ... and I'm sure Elton wouldn't mind your giving them a plug here ..... DG
  2. quote: Originally posted by poledark: DG, carry on mate, I would never be offended at a bit of **** taking, BUT....... I am still keeping a file...HURR, HURR (wicked laff), Den _______- DG [ 02. June 2004, 10:35 AM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  3. quote: Originally posted by Andrew Burgess: ]I hope the moderators will do something about it. But on the other hand this website won't be the same without him. (Budgie) Too true .. we couldn't do without him. Maybe a metaphorical squeeze of his soft dangly bits by the moderators will be enough. And, for my part, as the pot shouldn't call the kettle black, I will try to be much more respectful of doddery old furts like Den The Poledark DG
  4. quote: Originally posted by Graham X: (the Rother)... joins the Arun below Stopham bridge, which is a couple of miles upstream from Pulborough, and the junction was known locally as "sea trout central". The biggest sea trout I've ever seen before or since run up the Arun to go up the Western Rother to spawn. DG-Did you see any sea trout during your foray on the lower reaches of the Arun?] Graham Nope, sadly I didn't. They were on my mind of course, but I arrived quite a bit later than I'd planned and the sun was well-up, despite rain-clouds over the South Downs themselves.
  5. awaaar, yup, I think you've done OK .. quote: Originally posted by awaaar: 1000m 10lb Shimano Catana £17.99 That's what I pay for Catana too quote: Originally posted by awaaar: 20m Sufix Stealth £9.99 Got to be a steal at that price, and loads cheaper than the Kryston stuff But then again, Sufix do make their own lines etc quote: Originally posted by awaaar: Super Specialist Quiver £14.99 Sounds OK Well, I reckon I'll be using Leslies too. ... pity the abbreviation is LOL DG
  6. quote: Originally posted by BUDGIE: DG I had asumed that it was the upper reaches of "my" Rother! Budgie You can relax! I'm still waiting to hear from the EA .. they've taken even longer than the Fish Records Committee took to get to Derek Amies' two 40s DG
  7. quote: Originally posted by Per Mattsson: quote: Originally posted by The Diamond Geezer: Is this what you mean? ________________________ AnglerProLeader The central core is made from 100% Dyneema which is protected from toothy predators by an outer stainless steel braided mesh which makes for a super supple trace. Yes that´s the one DG. Sorry about the delayed answer. Been fishing all weekend,back at work now. Per And how does this Leader compare with other wire leader that you've also used? DG
  8. quote: Originally posted by awaaar: Ordered some kit from Leslies of Luton on Friday, I needed a new quiver and some other bits and pieces.... Delivered 9am this morning, and everything I ordered was there... I'll be using them again Tight lines Praise where praise is due! Value-for-money? I used to use them up until a couple of years ago when their prices got a tad out of kilter with their competitors. DG
  9. quote: Originally posted by Cyranne 12: Got the Membership sec driving out to Woolbeeding to take a better look---- the Mill pool in Midhurst looks pretty much as one would expect after a shower.The river is normally vaguely colured and slow running between Petersfield and Midhurst----I share your hope that it shall be good on the 16th Cyranne Good ... the EA should also be taking a look at last, today. It was at the little hump-backed road bridge (A272) over the Rother at Trotton, half-way between Midhurst & Petersfield, that it looked so grotty DG
  10. quote: Originally posted by Cyranne 12: Thanks for the alarm DG---Rother Angling Club are now taking an interest-----it doesn't get looked at much during the Closed Season Hi, Brian Brilliant! Great that you are closer-by and on the case. I can't believe that the Rother is normally a grey, weedless soup ... I know there were a few very heavy showers in the area at the time, so it may have been up a tad, but it looked really weird and depressing. Let's hope it's nothing untoward ... but best be safer than sorry. Please let me know what Rother AC report This forum is great! There
  11. quote: Originally posted by Newt: DG - it did cost less and that's the main reason I gave it a try. I use braid for most of my fishing, both lure and static with baits. For lure work I usually like 10lb for U/L rigs and 30lb for others. As an example of the UK rip-off price for PowerPro, using your example of 30 lb BS, and 300 yd spools:- #current exchange=rate £1 = US$1.83 # excluding post & packing, typical; UK price for 300 yd spool of 30 lb BS PP = £29.99 = US$59 # current exchange-rate £:$, it makes sense to buy on-line/mail order direct from BasPro or even Cabelas
  12. quote: Originally posted by Newt: As to lures and abrasion, I can only assume after some years on this forum that I do lure angling very differently than is the norm in the UK. I'm more likely to need abrasion resistance with lures than with baits. Newt I'm sure that's the case. I think you call it brush-hopping or something like that .... submerged trees & branches etc., when you're bassing. In the main, our venues in the UK compared with those I've fished in the States and Canada, are dream snag-free Whether you're talking about braids or monos, there's no substi
  13. quote: Originally posted by Newt: Well DG - I gotta stick with my preference for PowerPro. I bought a spool of the Western Filament TUF-Line to try. 30lb. Didn't seem to hold up as well as the PowerPro does so it is now acting as backing on a couple of reels. Tried bits of it for hooklength and wasn't impressed there either. Well, Newt I gotta respect your personal opinions assuming you gave TUF-Line a fair crack of the whip in terms of usage compared with PowerPro. I bet you paid less for the former, though, even at US prices. I've never used it as a hooklength, so I ca
  14. quote: Originally posted by BUDGIE: Sorry, DG, I'm at the Rye end in E.Sussex. A bit worrying; please keep us informed. A grey colouration is often associated with one of the worse types of pollution:dairy. On my way back from work I will check it out here. Budgie, Your Rother is safe! This is ... R. Rother, Trotton, West Sussex, on the A 272 between Midhurst & Petersfield The EA have promised to phone me back, so I'll keep you posted, although checking it two days after the report isn't a very speedy response, and I know it's a Bank Holiday. T
  15. Anyone near R.Rother, Trotton, West Sussex, on the A 272 between Midhurst & Petersfield? Just came over the R Rother at Trotton in W Sussex .... it was highly-coloured, grey and lifeless-looking .... is it normally like this? No signs of dead fish though. I have mentioned it to the EA who say they'll get someone to look at it tomorrow. No pollution incident has been reported to them. DG
  16. PowerPro quote: Originally posted by Newt: Good line. No, a great line. Why not promote it? Oh no, don't tell me old JT Baggers is slipping you freebie samples as well now? Seriously, PowerPro is a good line but I prefer genuine unbiased promotion based on some proper on-the-water and in-the-lab back-to-back tests, not just marketing hype and the feeling in someone's water after a couple of seasons' fishing with some freebie samples (Eh, JTB?), plus I jess hate getting ripped-off :mad: Of course, if you get PowerPro FREE, then it is great value f
  17. quote: Originally posted by poledark: DG, I am surprised that you have not "done your usual" with me and added a bath chair to my platform Den Den, this time you were too quick for me! ____ BTW, Den, you were very quiet on the recemt Mono thread(s) and the ones about trace-wires. We're stuck without your input! I mean, who else has got so many years of experience? 16th isn't far away now! Tight lines DG [ 31. May 2004, 09:26 AM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  18. quote: Originally posted by Nugg: Oh by the way, any body know of some good quality wellies, .... are you fussy about the colour? __________________________ ........... he asks, sheepishly
  19. quote: Originally posted by poledark: ....have you considered the Penrose platform with wheels? I have used a home made one for 14 years now and it is really stable, strong and will carry all your gear with ease. Den ... and otherwise known as a Zimmer frame DG
  20. quote: Originally posted by Andy Macfarlane: Like I say, DG, I don't think I've ever seen him in here before....all 10 of Dave's entries... Topic Date Forum 1: new wire traces for pike thread 28 May, 2004 Coarse Fishing 2: powerpro 08 February, 2004 Coarse Fishing etc Yup, it was the PowerPro one, which he promotes heavily everywhere (he's almost as bad as JTBaggers ) , that I was thinking of! DG [ 30. May 2004, 05:14 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  21. quote: Originally posted by poledark: I've not had to "brace the legs" yet Budgie Den I don't know, I'm sure .. you two and your sheep No need to brace any legs ... just use two pairs of wellies _____________________________ DG
  22. quote: Originally posted by Andrew Burgess: I am all right about it and always have put up. It always the same when ever I start a post or reply a post he always have to come along and spoil everything as it just same with the others fishing forums websites. Fair-enough, Andrew .. stay cool ... maybe the Moderators will get off their backsides and moderate Budgie DG
  23. quote: Originally posted by Andy Macfarlane: Yep, it's brilliant line. I also used it for Beach fishing and it never really broke at any time, unless I was really locked up tight. I started using it for Pike once I got into that and the Pike didn't care a jot. Aah ... how can you possibly tell :confused: ... how can you even do a back-to-back comparison between various coloured monos :confused: ... or compared with a nice, high-tenacity, olive-green Spectra or Dyneema braid DG
  24. quote: Originally posted by Andy Macfarlane: I don't think I've ever seen you in here before. C'mon, pay attention, Andy! But to be fair to DL, he's usually too busy plugging DLST on the Pike&Preds and other fora DG
  25. C'mon, you two Burgesses Put-up or shurrupp
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