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  1. 8th December - Berkshire Stillwater As I mentioned in the last installment, the rest of my bait had been spread around the productive area ready for a return as soon as possible. After managing to wangle the day off I planned my return, obviously full of expectation. They'd had a free meal and a few days to get themselves comfortable. I'd already arranged to meet a mate on the canal for the afternoon so only had a few hours to play with. For some reason I thought I'd be clever and fish the area from a different swim. That would allow both rods to be fished in the hot zone and
  2. 5th December - Berkshire Stillwater So, when I got in the car this morning the temperature gauge read 0.5 degrees... hardly conducive to catching carp but that was what I planned to try my hand at, for a few hours anyway. The plan really, was to lob out a couple of rods while I waited for the light to drop so I could go perching late afternoon - dusk. Never did I actually expect to get a bite on the lake, it was just a better place to waste the day than home. I arrived just after the day had dawned and had a quick chat with a guy I knew on one of the other lakes. He'd blanked for a
  3. 24th October - Berkshire Stillwater So, after last weeks result I was naturally keen to get back down there and see if I could winkle out another one or two before the cold weather really kicked in. The prebaiting seemed to work last time so I made the effort again but decided on a different area this time, the one that I mentioned had seen the only bit of activity over last time. The plan was to fish it from a swim that commands a lot of water... that way I could fish one rod out between the islands where the sporadic fizzing had been going on last week, and the other rod on the spot
  4. 17th October - Berkshire Stillwater As you can see I really struggled to get out after that productive day session. A holiday with the new girlfriend and a hectic work routine put paid to any time on the bank for a couple of months though I tried to keep in touch as much as possible through a couple of mates that were still fishing every now and then. I think now is a good time to mention that the lake has been very different this year, mostly due to the lack of people fishing it compared with previous years. This time last year would have seen 15+ anglers fishing the weekends and of
  5. 15th August - Berkshire Stillwater I only had time for a day session this week, on the quiet water this time. I'd made sure to pop down a couple of days beforehand to have a look around put a bit of bait in. I found a few fish in a snag that I have fished quite a lot in the past, albeit in a slightly different part of the snag than usual. A kilo or two of bait was spread around the feature, making sure to concentrate the majority on both the spot I normally fish and the one closest to where I'd seen the fish mooching around. I'd also taken my rods along so that I could get them clipped
  6. 11th August - Berkshire Stillwater As usual this was an after work jaunt to the target water. The conditions were due to be spot on again so I made the effort to get the next day off work and trotted down the path full of enthusiasm. The winds were due to be blowing in strong and south westerly, similar to during the session I fished earlier in the year. Two mates had beaten me too it unfortunately and were set up at the windward end of the lake but reported that not a lot had happened. One had mentioned a couple of shows a bit further up the bank, in one of my favourite swims, so
  7. Hello mate. Been keeping up to date with your blogs... just haven't had time to keep mine up to date. Been a few more times since this... they'll be up in the next few days. Only carp unfortunately. Just off for a couple of hours perching now though
  8. As the title suggests, the next couple of sessions were more of a cardio session than a relaxing fishing session. Effort = reward however... unless you're me... then it generally equals a chance that I'll find a way to mess up . 25th July - Berkshire Stillwater Yet another rushed after work overnighter. The fish have seemed to become rather nomadic recently and I had to settle down for the night without seeing much to go on. Nothing happened during the hours of darkness and once a couple of hours of light had passed with no sightings I set about going to find some fish. 10 laps of
  9. 3rd July - Berkshire Stillwater Yet another after work session that leaves me rushing around to find some fish and get everything sorted before darkness. This particular session I'd walked almost the whole way around when a really good fish crashed out close to the island in quite an unpopular peg. That was all I had to go on so I set about getting a rod on the money which only took a couple of casts before I was happy. Then the now almost guaranteed drama started.. I couldn't reach the spot with my catapult so reached for the throwing stick... which I'd left at home. No problem, The
  10. The next date in my photobucket account seems to be this, though I think I'd sneaked a quick overnighter in on the target water and drawn a blank. I had managed a take at first light that session but unfortunately it shed the hook very early on in the battle. You win some you loose some. 22nd June - Vale Farm With the warm weather well and truly upon us a mate and I had decided to start venturing over to Vale Farm for a few hours fly fishing after work. It is great fun, if a little tiring... The place is so heavily stocked you could walk over to the islands on the backs of fish, I'
  11. Cheers Paul. Cheers to you too Rusty... I religiously take me dslr and various lenses fishing with me, recently coupled with a 35mm prime which has had a massively positive impact on the quality of my pics. It's a really big part of it for me. That's very similar to my stove so will suit the Diablo fine... I do tend to prop the handle on a cup or something though. I can't believe how useful it's been.
  12. 11th May - Berkshire Stillwater Looking back through my pictures I can't believe how much fishing I was getting in over late Spring. Unfortunately the lakes remained mostly closed for that whole period so it was difficult to really make most of the best season of the year. I remember this session well. The lake was still 3/4 closed with only the same 7 swims open for angling. I had pulled out all the stops to be there this day as the conditions were due to be bang on... big westerly winds and a healthy drop in barometric pressure. The problem was that I knew there was only one p
  13. 3rd May - Berkshire Stillwater After catching that lovely 26lber, a fish I now realise was one of the known ones called Starburst, I was due to go for a night out with my mates. Naturally that all ended in the debauch it always does and of course I was hanging out of my *** the next day. Only one thing for it then... The gear was still in the motor so I nipped over to Berkshire with the idea of flicking a couple of rods out in the easier lake next door to the one I normally target before falling asleep in the sun on my unhooking mat. I'd scattered some sesame oil glazed baits around
  14. So leading on from that guest session I had the carp bug back, good and proper. It had been a good start to the season and I obviously wanted to try and continue that run for as long as possible. 21st April - Berkshire Water Another day session, this time on the quietest of the "specimen" waters after a baiting up recce a couple of nights previous. I got down nice and early for once, just after first light and amazingly got the rods onto the prebaited spots with only one cast each. That left me to settle down and marvel over my latest purchase, a portable toastie maker that fitted p
  15. So it's been a ridiculously long time since I last posted in here so, as I've got some more time on my hands with the shorter days, I thought I'd recount a few of the trips I've had between then and now. April 14th - Berkshire Club Water So I'll kick it off with a nice day trip I had as a guest to the "other" club in the Berkshire area. A mate of mine was just getting into the fishing on this particular lake and following a visit for a brew and a chat while he was fishing the night before I decided to come down the following day as his guest. Starting early wasn't an option unfortun
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