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  1. well that started a lively discussion. thank you for all your replies - lots to think about ! i do have a centre pin which i completely overlooked (age thing !) - i will give it a go. only used it once or twice and caught 3 brownies the first time i used it, second time it was windy and i got in a bit of a mess !
  2. hi. ive been using abu 505/506s for donkeys years. looking at a new reel for trotting rivers and wondered what recommendations other trotters might have ? i have been taking a look at the new 506 mk11 which seems to have mixed reviews and also the drennan fd 3000 fwiw. anyway any suggestions/recommendations welcomed !
  3. hello folks. i have been a coarse fisherman for 50+ years and my favourite fishing is trotting small rivers with light tackle whilst having a nice country walk. consequently i catch mainly brown trout, grayling and chub, using maggot and worm. my fishing style has more in common with fly than coarse really and so i have decided to give fly fishing a go as it really does appeal to me. (sitting on a box for hours fishing 1 swim, watching a rod tip really isn`t my thing!) so i am looking for recommendations re tackle for rivers like the lugg, wye and teme. its been suggested that i go for 9ft 4
  4. i believe that the river isbourne in gloucestershire used to have a decent head of grayling. i cant find any info on how to go about fishing it. can anyone here help ?
  5. hi all. im new here so be gentle with me i live in gloucestershire, not too far from the river isbourne, and i would like to know where i can get details about fishing it. ive looked on the net without success and wondered if anyone here fished it or had any suggestions ? tia
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