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  1. I have all this tackle for sale and am looking for offers, 1 5500 mag elite with a mag conversion 1 6500 mag elite with a mag conversion 1 fox XTR beach rod VGC 1 fox rock hopper beach VGC 1 century tip tornado supermatch prototype 1 zziplex lt 14 dymic bullet GC 1 daiwa TXNS 142m beachcaster VGC 1 john holden beach buddy 1 scierra 9ft6 7/8 weight fly rod VGC telrck1@aol.com if interested in anything im sure we can sort a price out
  2. i have a fair bit of very good condition carp fishing gear and a few bits of sea fishing gear im looking for fly fishing equipment anything considered PM me if you interested Thanks, terry
  3. grenvilles carp lake info www.carp-lake.co.uk hope this helps m8
  4. the lake in question is called grenvilles and it has been stocked with lots of simmos and gorgeous scaley fish the owner is Paul i have his mobile number somewhere if you want it PM me m8 Monks is around £700 now and has around 8 40 + fish the head balliff is Tom i also have his mobile, no trouble on there very weedy but not to hard if you can get them out. cheers
  5. nice one the more RSA are acknowledged by the people in power the better.
  6. Pisses me off when anglers kill such awesome fish just for a bit of fame. It would of been a great story if it had been put back unharmed but now its just a sad story really :0(
  7. do you cast with Pete Ingham, Billy Russell???? And or course being in the north east your not tp far away from Pete Thain :0) all good for giving some advice Had a couple of comps this year at kent sportscast :0)
  8. Hi m8 i see you have been reading Keith whites site The X cast is just a slight variation on the low swing style of pendulum cast, its a style of cast that has been around for many years. I am also a low swing caster there are many variations around, and if executed correctly can all produce big distances Favourite rod at the moment is a daiwa TXNS 142 and abu mag reels What are you casting with??? and do you cast at tournaments???
  9. I have a century tip tornado super match for sale see below for description, good condition http://www.century.gb.com/sea.php?Doc=tiptornado E-mail me at Telrck1@aol.com If interested first decent offer accepted Thanks, Terry
  10. the ron thompson accelerator makes a great back castrod to progress from a friend of mine has cast well over 230yds with one in tournaments backcasting and i myself have cast one over 250yds in tournaments so its well up for the job. And the price is exceptional
  11. Tel

    fixed spool

    Another option is a leather fingerstall from the chemist which i prefer, as it gives you more feel and i have never had a shockleader cut through my finger with it. This is on the tournament field as well as fishing
  12. Terry is still fit and healthy and producing some superb blanks (as always) He is a big sponser of the UKSF and turns up there quite often. He is a wealth of knowledge and very interesting to talk to :0)
  13. you werent fishing for Bass with feathers were you KIR
  14. Hi Rudd, You met me with Steve, tuesday and yep i have come 8th at the UKSF is competition but my PB is 271 yds, on that day i acheived 251yds. Good to meet you m8, Terry
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