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  1. Obviously everyone wants to catch fish. But for me its a chance to get away from the bustle of everyday life and clear my head. It goes back to our basic needs to be at one with nature. Its the whole experience, forget the crack and social scene which is what some go fishing for, I need to get away and chill out recharging my batteries along the way. I guess everyone takes something different from it and others.... well they just never will understand!
  2. Probably not getting through to the right people. Try the dreaded ebay or your local shop. We often sell things on behalf of customers with a good success rate. On ebay you can do buyer collects as rods cost a fortune to post now. Good luck.
  3. Managed a 3lb jack pike while shad lure fishing on the river. Sadly not had much time to fish at all this break. Maybe next year?
  4. I do agree a lot of this fish care is at times OTT. Trouble is you have to legislate for the lowest denominator. What I call a cradle is the type thats a mini bedchair rather than a mat with sides which seems a lot of hassle to set up. I recall reading of one lake that banned the cot type of mat as anglers were leaving the fish in the mat/sling for way too long as they felt the fish was safe! Never mind it was out of water eh? The new Fox Easimat is great though as its not got the bulk of some of the others and is super speedy to set up. Like a previous poster said I'm off pike fishing th
  5. Yes, I use and sell those TF Gear Dave Lane Ones. Currently using the Ignite versions and they are proving to be very reliable and I always neglect my alarms, falling into the camp of switch it off and chuck it in the rodbag. Can suppy at a good price too. Dave Lane Mag Runner Set Ignite Alarm Set
  6. It would seem that fashions in carp angling come and go and when you think you are the first on to something invariably you find everyone is doing the same. So who still does any of these and why? Tipping your hookbait with plastic corn. Fishing slack lines all the time! Madness when snag fishing but I see anglers doing it all the time and using backleads in snaggy situations. PVA mesh tube of pellet or broken boilies. Lets hear about any other trends, maybe we could start some new ones? Camo everything seems to have vanished or maybe I can't see them.
  7. Hi all, We have been running our online store now for 2 years and it goes from strength to strength. Why not have a browse through what we have to offer and please take the time to like our Facebook page St Ives Tackle Tight Lines Mike
  8. A great example of a poor listing I'm afraid.
  9. Wouldn't be too happy if someone did that on my local lake. The smell would be a bit grim.
  10. There really was a rod pod with built in spirit level a few years back. Me I love wobble stick set ups. I have 3 rods all over the place, hangars at different heights and usually no rear rests at all preferring a bucket or log to rest em on. After all the carp cant see your neat and tidy set up. Can they? One of the best anglers I ever met had the untidiest set up you have ever seen proving theres nothing technical about carp fishing other than in the minds of the brainwashed.
  11. Thers nothing clever about a carp, its more them wiley carp bait manufacturers that are clever, convincing every angler to pile in kilos of the stuff when there are no carp for miles. On my local lake theres bait going on top of bait on a daily basis. The tufties are 30lb now!
  12. I am going to try fishing with no boilies, no I dont mean with a bare hook I mean using alternative baits. I will start with using Pallatrax Hidra Snails soaked in minimino rather than lake water. They sure look disgusting but I am positive I will catch more doing this. Oh come next Winter I am hanging up the carp rods and going Pike fishing, something I used to do a lot of and really enjoyed.
  13. I,m afraid every water seems to have them, the local know it all. I tried match fishing in my younger days but I couldn't cope with the bull **** spoken on the coach or the bankside. Seemed to me it was all about the talk rather than the do! Mind you carp fishing is much the same, full of complicated rubbish that just isnt required. If you think about it only the anglers make fishing complicated, the fish still treat it all as real simple. Best advice is to just humour them and let your catches do the talking.
  14. I have been tempted to use marzipan but always end up eating it myself!
  15. Acorns! Really! I know they eat elderberries though.
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