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  1. Hi there I am having trouble on getting bites with carp. my bit alarm sounds for 2 seconds then stops. I have had this happen about 6 times today fishing. My friend says I need to attract more carp in. I am using a strawberry boily with a pop up, I am putting the rig in a pva bag, along with 8mm pellets. Is there any other ideas or what people recommend to put in the pva bag to attract the carp or any other fishing methods to attract the carp. Thank you for any help. Lee
  2. Thanks for the advice, No i was putting it in lake alone with no feed. Was talking to some people at the lake and they said try it in pva bag with ground bait and some smalled sized luncheon meat. Would you agree with this? Regards Lee
  3. Hi there What size should the luncheon meat be for carp fishing. The carp dont seem to be picking it up? I dont know wether they are too big, the size i am using is about 1" Cube The average size carp in the lake I am fishing is around 10-16lb Thanks for any help Lee
  4. Went down chesil beach today in Portland for my first time sea fishing Found my self getting snagged alot of the time and loosing weights, anyone know any where else to fish around this area? Thanks Lee
  5. Morning all I am new to fishing, I am getting confused when going into the angling shops and they are mentioning, match, waggler, carp, match, pole rods and equipment What would the basic set up i need just to enjoy a good days fishing at my local fishery. Thanks Lee
  6. Hello there I am new to fishing, so don't really know much about it. I have not got an idea what to buy, I go into angling shop and all i hear is carp, coarse, match rods, reels, rigs. etc I am joining a lake that has silver fish and carp. Could anyone help me and suggest what i need just to enjoy a simple days fishing. Much appreciated Lee
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