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  1. Yep local river and loch are very high, even my local reservoir sitting a little high..
  2. Lol you wont forget to check next time. My brother done the same thing on a trip, he never caught anything
  3. Scrolling aroung the forum and found this topic, if i may stick my 2 pence's worth in.. I recommend flying c's aka flying condoms with a smal 5 -10 inch trace. However a simple swivle with a clip tied onto the mainline and simply clipping and unclipping to chance lure... I have found fishing with these wire traces are extra security but generally un-required as the hook hangs off the rear.
  4. £6500 is an amazing amount of cash to raise, well done all who took part..
  5. For anyone who likes a blog come and read our wee blog. It covers everything on fishing tackle, trout flies, photos, fishing trips and more. Also join with your commentsby adding them at the bottom of the page Read Our Blog fishingtacklemasters Need to tackle upbefore your next trip fishing tackle trout flies
  6. When i'm fishing at range i prefer to keep everything simple, or as simple as i can. Just means if / when a tangle happens its not to much hassle to set back up.
  7. Trout Fisherman mag is always a good read, bought it every month without fail for years. In fact it wasent that long ago i had to get rid of all my copys to create space in the loft. ( you will be glad to know it was for more space for fishing gear )
  8. Washing line method with a bubble float works well. I always use the very small bubble floats due to the fact that most brownies from any waters around here are very small. But i still enjoy the rush you get when you see that float bobble around on the surface. Though fishing from the top isnt always going to work if the fish are low, how ever a decent weight at the end of your line with 2 - 3 boobys, or suspender buzzers is another great method. Hope you give them a go, not by the book but catchies fish. And always worth checking whats aloud and whats not.
  9. Hi one and all, new to the board today, hope to get a chat on fishing with some if not all of you..
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