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  1. I do not and have not used a priest. I think that the fish is better off if you give it the chance to live. A 20% chance of survival if put back is much better than a 0% chance of survival after you've bashed it head in. If it dies after release, oh well a meal for the pike of insects or whatever. That said i do belive that a preist is a very humane way to 'dispatch' a fish and anglers who eat their catch like rainbow trout for instance should certainly use this method. The other way to dispatch fish is to snap their neck but I think this would take practice and belive that a priest is more humane. There have been occaisions, 99% of the time with very small perch that I have worried about the survival of the fish due to very deep hook sets. but C'est La Vie, if I got too worried I wouldn't fish
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