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  1. Thanks OTIB. I have just picked up 2 X 3lb Nash dwarfs this week for my pike fishing this winter. Until now for anything big I've used a 1.75tc rod my dad gave me, the rod is older than I am but has never let me down!! What type or rod would be suitable? I've had a look on the Burton AA website and its got some good info on there so thanks for a point in the right direction.
  2. Can anyone give me a good stretch of river to go fishing in the Staffordshire area as I have a week off work with my bro beginning the 6th of July and plan to go fishing on a river for the first time. I'm looking to spend 2 days on the rivers. One trotting just to give it a blast and another trying for a barbel?! I know this will be a challenge but if I'm out, I'm happy and a fish will be a bonus!
  3. What strength braid is best suited to dropshot fishing? I have a setup with an unknown strength in brown but i struggle to see this against the water so was also looking to change the colour.
  4. When tying a single hook rig should the hook be put onto a loop to allow free movement or should it be fixed tight at the end of the trace?
  5. Tony, I did look at the doubles but due to the sprats being a small bait I thought a single would be the better way to go. As for hair rigging the bait, I've not though about doing so. Would this be okay if twitching the bait or is it more of a static bait method? Distance shouldn't be a problem as I will be on the local cut and I can reach the far bank no problem in most places.
  6. So I'm looking to leave the trebles behind and move onto single hooks. I like to use sprats on my local canal and am looking to have a single hook up through the throat latch and out top of the head. Can anyone recommend a hook fit for purpose?
  7. Hi all. I am looking to buy a new pole of 13m. I have got to work around the £400 mark so does anybody know of any decent for around this price. The map tks201 has caught my eye, I like the pre bushed top kits which are all the same length saving some time and hassle. Question is if the pole itself is any good.
  8. Thanks for the info Kenj. I have been reading your blog which you left the link to so that has given me a few ideas for tackling the canal. Keep up the good work by the way.
  9. Since taking in the advice I have been out and managed to get my hands on an 8m pole from a friend who no longer used it so thought i would put it to use. I elasticated the pole with Preston Original Slip size 5 and headed down to my local water with the plan to fish the bread punch. I started on a 4mm punch and soon switched upto a 5mm as was bringing in tiddlers one after another. Soon the bigger fish we're coming to the net and I ended up having a great days fishing. Next time though I will be taking some liqudised bread with me to ball in and see how things go. This one outing has al
  10. Thanks Jack. I was wondering about the ratings on the hydro elastic but now I understand. What is the main difference in the top kits then? Is one a lot stiffer than the other? Also, are the top 2 power kits used for the bigger fish as there is less elastic for them to run with?
  11. Hi all. Im going to be purchasing a pole this year ready to tackle the canal with as I find it too frustrating trying to get a waggler into those tricky spots. I have found a pole which is not elasticated and I am looking for info on what elastic is best to start out with. I hear about solid, hollow, hydro, double elastic but what is best not to bump off small silvers and strong enough to land the odd big fish the canal normally produces.
  12. Has anybody used any of the naturals in the following link : http://www.munchbaits.com/index.php?cPath=219 If so, how did you incorporate these into your fishing and how successful were they? Any other info will be good for the thread, species caught etc
  13. Hi all. I am looking at trying out the hinged stiff rig out on my local water. I plan to use the e.s.p ready made chod rigs as the hooklength but I want to know of a good line to use for the boom section? I have heard differing opinions. Some say to use a super stiff material such as a flurocarbon. Some say to use a coated braid while stripping the section back where the hooklength is attached? I want to hear the Anglers Net opinion as this is always a trusted one. Any tips and tricks would be appreciated too. 1 question i do have is how do people attach the hookbait to the
  14. No getting to the far bank is not possible on this stretch of the cut so is not an option. I like the ideas that Kirisute and Gozzer have mentioned. I think I will give both of those a go and see which one I'm more comfortable with. Hopefully all will go to plan! Thanks for all the input guys!
  15. I was trying to keep the line off the water but even by me trying to do this it was pulling the rig towards me. I have not tried the Beachcaster rig out so will have to give it a try.
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