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  1. Hi Gaz, Loads of waters around you from the canal at Poolstock, Red Ponds near the railway line on way to Saddle junction, Scot Lane (figure of 8) near stadium way and Houghtons Pond opposite the renault dealer (beech hill), also the canal behind the DW nr the lock gates, and then of course the river douglas in the same area. I would check out the Wigan and district angling society website google WDAA some of the ones I mentioned are their waters though you may be able to fish on a day ticket bought from the bailiff on the bank. If you want plenty more ask at your local tackle shop.... Daves Tackle opposite the BP garage nr sainsburys and up from the roundabout.
  2. Does anyone have any information on Broadleaze fishery in Dorset, is it worth a visit? Thank you in advance.
  3. If you are looking for canal fishing theres good stretches behind the old pilkingtons glass site, a couple of stillwaters around too, one up at Thatto Heath and a big reservoir at Carr Mill dam alongside the A580 East Lancs. If you go up that way nip into Leigh Tackle and Bait they have a new shop not far from the A580 at chain lane shopping centre WA11 9HB. They will tell you all you need to know regards fishing in the area. I can recommend Newton le Willows angling assoc who have some great waters not too far from you near Earlestown, Haydock and Sankey Valley. The ticket isn't too expensive and offers great variety of fishing.
  4. Hi, there are two chairs I would have a serious look at... Firstly, the Korum deluxe accesory chair this is a well padded high back chair which sits on square tube vertical legs and to which you can attach all manner of things like a side table, rod supports, baitbowl, optional removable arms and even a wheel kit to turn it into a tackle barrow for carrying all your kit to the peg. Its a sturdy well-made piece of kit and you need never bend down to reach your rod or bait again with one of these, its all to hand. The legs lock into place by engaging a clip-up bar underneath easily done and no chance of it all collapsing on you. You can get a set of longer legs from your local tackle shop I got mine from Leigh tackle and bait (leigh-lancs) which gives you a bit of extra height. All the preston on-box range of accessories will fit with the right adaptor. You won't find a more comfortable chair than this unless you're horizontal. The second is a nash daddy long legs chair which is a basic style chair - no accessory features but does come with built-in arms and is rigid if a little heavy to lug around. The model I had didn't have lockable legs but was easy to get in and out of. Hope this helps to narrow down the choice a bit.
  5. Chesters, thank you for initiating this thread, I have found it interesting and enlightening, and that is the essence of what this forum is about. Some of your ideas and those generated are akin with my current line of thought, I had put it down to being of a certain age. I am absolutely sure you will not be intimidated by posts from a certain person. I really couldn't let this latest outburst lie without giving you my support. I rarely bother logging on these days as this aint the place it used to be, too many personal attacks and usually from the same few posters. It would seem that some would have us embrace their views whilst they seek to ridicule those which they don't agree with. I have moved on to another forum where I feel I can more easily express my opinion without seemingly engaging a nutter or two. So come the apocalypse yours will be the place with lights aglow and the wafting scent of bacon butties filling the air, good luck to you mate.
  6. I got mine from ebay, there doesn't appear to be any listed at the moment but they are coming up all the time, you could give this guy a call... http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/Mal-Storey-A...;LH_TitleDesc=1 Good luck.
  7. It really does work very well once you get the hang of setting it up and trusting it to hold the butt of your pole. If its very breezy I don't unlock the hook so it doesn't spring open, though its never happened to me yet when unlocked. I would say its one of the best bits of pole kit I ever bought. However, it doesn't stop there... use it for your rod butt when tip fishing and you set your rod high to keep the line off the water, when the tip pulls round the natural strike springs the claw open and you have instant control of the rod free from hindrance. The only requirement for it to work is that there is upward force on the rod butt against the claw so if you set your banksticks behind the reel seat the rod is held firm until your strike releases it.
  8. Simply supplying a name and details, if you search a little you will see that the so called ''fact of evolution'' is merely a theory and to requote corydoras... just because something is popular doesn't make it true. There are none so blind as those who will not see... perhaps we are all blind from time to time. To quote Dave Allen.... Goodnight and may your God go with you.
  9. Here's a starter for ten.... http://www.discovery.org/a/2292
  10. A tad cruel Andrew, I think to wreck the car and escape unharmed is a much nicer way then closing the road to commuters whilst the plod crawl on their hands and knees for a day or so looking for a reason to explain a fatal accident don't you?
  11. Non, most definitely Non. I cannot disprove it neither can you prove it, so either position is just as valid as the other. Darwinism (evolution) appears to be a flawed ideology which falls into the category of the first line of your post above, and is attracting a growing band of doubters from within the scientific community, interesting therefore that you choose to use Darwin to bolster your atheistic argument.
  12. I thought he made quite an impression on the tunnel, looking at the wreckage of his car. Perhaps he thought he was in Monaco, pressed the loud pedal and was listening to the wail of that engine when he hit some ice, so easily done in one's supercar when one is distracted.
  13. Just to point out one small error regarding woolies sale.. At some point the company was indeed up for sale for a nominal £1, however, the buyer would have taken over the companies debts of around £350 million, not such a bargain maybe? As for the broadening of their retail base, it was necessary to compete or they would have gone years ago. Lets face it no-one would have got through the 80's 90's and 00's selling pick 'n mix, winfield tupperware, ladybird kids clothes, kingfisher tackle and vinyl records. Sad demise its true, but only the fittest survive in Thatchers vision of utopia (unless you happen to be a bank anyway)
  14. I go for the M and S thermal longjohns and crew neck top next to the skin, followed by a tee shirt and boxer shorts, then its fleecy lined wychwood bib and brace on the bottom and wychwood reversible showerproof fleece on top. Capped off with a wychwood hooded jacket and thermal fleece hat if its really cold. Feet get the millets hiker thermal socks and either waterproof Hi-tech lightweight boots, Karrimor leather boots or Sundridge hotfoot wellies. I also take my fingerless and neoprene gloves.
  15. It was just as extremely irritating as first time around too...
  16. I hear what you say but I don't think any local authority is willing to stand up in the face of an overwhelming vote such as we had recently, they are far too keen to keep their seats in the town hall and their trotters in the trough. All ten authorities in GM rejected the proposals. I don't quite understand your remark re; regional assembly, unless you mean the scottish and welsh, neither of which are doing badly with free uni education and free prescriptions respectively. As for HM Gov ignoring the peoples vote... I think that would be a bad move on this issue, its the town halls which need to be onside to make it happen, even Lord Smith labour leader of wigan MBC and the chairman of the GM group proposing the charge realised he was on a loser, if the vote had been the other way it would have heralded a plethora of smaller schemes across the length and breadth of the country.
  17. That's the one Anderoo ! It covers everything you need to get started in simple terms. Check out the local library for a copy, or there's usually one or two knocking about on ebay for modest sums.
  18. Its a complete numbskull idea, probably dreamt up by some tree-hugger with a vegetable for a brain. Anyone with a couple of working synapses can imagine the chaos caused by a vehicle having its brakes applied automatically without the driver being able to do anything about it, sheer absolute madness and sadly indicative of todays britain, if this didn't appear in the daily mail it jolly well should have. As for road pricing chesters, the good people of greater manchester have given HM Gov a bloody nose in that direction so it may take longer than you think to bring us into line. What do you mean by the term 'hospital parking'? is that where you can park your car within hiking distance of the poor bu@@ers you are visiting and/or when attending an appointment you have to arrive an hour earlier than time to get a half chance of parking at all and paying an extortionate fee for the privilege. We now have a superbly complex machine designed to thwart OAP's and other less techno friendly folk. It makes sticking your coinage into a slot seem postively antiquated. There is a keypad like an old phone keypad, the idea being that you enter your car reg numbers and letters and swap between alpha and numeric using one of several coloured buttons. the instructions are barely legible in daylight, at night in pouring rain its great fun. By the time you have it sussed you're into the next charge band...
  19. Only to be expected really, motorsport uses cash at a phenomenal rate and I expect all branches of the sport will be hit hard over the next few months, F1, WRC, probably BTCC too and a lot of privateers will be thinking where this years sponsorship money may be coming from.
  20. Elton, can I add my vote for wormsdirect, good value, great worms 0.5kg dendro's haven't had any lobs from them but a friend of mine gets lobs from tommy topsoil and reckons they are pretty good too.
  21. I just think that the best way to preserve something like a canal is to use it and it will thrive, if left and neglected it will decay, as has been said some parts of the northern reaches are waterless, sad to see and not much good to anyone.
  22. I can totally agree with that Newt, historically our nationalised companies over here have a woeful track record of poor management and inefficiency. What should not be forgotten is that these bankers did what they did within the law and under the noses of the governments, the system is corrupt and none more so than the governments which permit and encourage their double-dealing.
  23. I was thinking, as the Government have promised loans of up to a million quid for small businesses I should put in an application for said amount. I was thinking of investing it in stocks and shares, after all there are some cheap deals to be had and if share prices rise I could be quids in and pay back the loan, and walk away with a tidy profit. If however, the shares fall I could say it wasn't my fault but the money has gone, and ask the government to bail me out... what do you think? I think this is what the banks and dealers were doing with our funds a few weeks ago so it must be legit?
  24. Signed and Verified, I love our canal heritage and we should do all we can to preserve it. As a boy I used to swim in the canal around Carnforth and netted my first sticklebacks there too, its a beautiful stretch north of Lancaster.
  25. Nice one Ken, thanks for the heads-up I thoroughly enjoyed it, I had no idea that Kingfishers could engage in a fight to the death like that.
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