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  1. Hi This advert is for 12 lengths of peacock quill 12 inches each - ideal for making waggler floats Cut them in half and make 24 wagglers £5.50 including UK postage and packing Please inbox me and we can arrange Cheers Dave
  2. I went through a stage when I would tidy the kitchen cupboards every few months and add to my dried bread crumb groundbait anything dried that was passed its sell by date - so lentils, curry powder, chilli - even some currents once. - all sorts went in. I didn't have much sucess with it and I stopped using it when one day I was fishing and patch of oil appeared to be floating on the water - it turned out my Mrs had thrown some old cod liver oil capsules in there - cheers hunny ! That was it threw the lot in the bin.
  3. I need some help with a market research project. If you could have any flavour of boilie what would you choose and why? Also please add what you consider to be a fair price for a 500g bag of boilies. Many thanks
  4. My Dad has a wormary, he feeds them with mashed potato !! however the biggest problem he has had is, if it gets too damp they can easily escape, even through the smallest hole in the lid. I am led to believe that the liquid drained off makes great plant fertilizer
  5. Does anyone ever mess about flavouring sweetcorn? Whats the most successful flavour?
  6. Switch the igniton on and let the heater plugs warm up for about 30 seconds, then switch the ignition back off and straight back on, give her about another 20 seconds - gives her some extra heat and may just do the trick. By the way thats £50.00 for diagnosis
  7. If the key slot in your Astra boot is Vertical then it will not operate with the central locking, if it's horizontal it will. Maybe you reset it by accident by operating it with the key? Did you charge your battery? No idea why I put a 1.
  8. The central locking system uses electric motors to operate, the electric comes from the battery, if the battery is flat it will not work the central locking electrically you will have to do it manually. That is until the battery is charged again. By the way - If you have just jump started the car the battery may not recover properly = altough it charges with the engine running this may not be enough to stop it goinf flat again, I would suggest to look into checking the electrolyte level and trickle charge the battery using a car battery charger.
  9. That is really nice, wow !! however a toot out of my price range and you only have £2 worth of floats in there. You may have more sucess with a nice set of wooden bread punches on meat punches in there. If you want me to trial one you can send a freebie !!
  10. Hi Check this out http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330871526947?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  11. Many thanks - will look those up
  12. You need about 27 to fill you up, rather have a steak n chips anyday
  13. Keep it quiet !! - if you read your rule books some clubs don't allow advertising of their water, I guess to stop poachers etc. Stockton angling club is a club that uses this rule, not that I am suggesting this is Stockton's water, but be careful what you say on the video's you make or you could land in hot water ! I didn't realise this - just read it in my rule book.
  14. Been out on my bike today on path/cycle paths and the amount of dogs you have to swerve around or they try to chase you, why can people not put them on a lead? This is in a housing estate, so no where for a dog to run. When they chase you all you get from the owner is "it won't hurt you" Time we had a law to keep dogs on a lead in such places.
  15. Nice fish, is that Preston farm sort of area?
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