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  1. Gasoline costs $ 1 per liter. Traveled for 10 days including accommodation, meals and a guide with a boat costing us dollorov 900 for two people.
  2. The end of August - beginning of September. We're going to Tuva fish and gather cranberries. Biy- Hem heavily shoaled - all summer there was no rain.
  3. Us every day on the TV show of people killed in Ukraine. Killed children, women. Out of it, the dead pike and killed a man makes a big difference. You pay taxes on this money and make weapons. Then, from these weapons kill people. How do you do?
  4. http://youtu.be/MDFVgQLTIE4?list=UUqr_pyLRVk_zelkEx1rpwOA
  5. SEASONS AT THE BORDER Friend! Subscribe to my YouTube video blog. I will be glad to see in subscribers! www.youtube.com/user/VladimirRyaposov
  6. This is not advertising. I am talking about Siberia, and people fishing.
  7. Some headless make T-shirts, others buy and wear!
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