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  1. Cheers for all input. The warm water technique seams to have done the trick. The spool was label side up when I loaded it and its 20lb sea mono for mackeral feathering whilst on holiday in Cornwall in a few months time. Cheeeeers all
  2. Ace idea will try it Cheeers
  3. Yo dudes I have just put some 15lb mono on a reel to use as a spare, I thought I had loaded it the right way but it started to spring out all over the place so I cut it back a bit and tied a knot to keep it tight. My question is how long will it take to re memorize (is that even a word☺) I shall not be using it for around two months. Is that enough time????? Cheers
  4. To catch a carp you need to have really expensive shiny gear, no point trying to catch on a standard rig, go must use something with leadcore and you must use really expensive boiles, and a lot of them too. No point using bread or sweatcorn or worm it MUST be carp bait. What also helps if you wear expensive fishing clothing and I would always advise a bivvy and NEVER travel light always use a barrow. If you use a rucksack you will be frowned upon☺☺☺
  5. I have ordered one. Is it easy to batter carp PR just deep fry it Joke please don't ban me I only eat haddock and cod. Joking aside I was sea fishing in Turkey for pleasure and a local showed me his technique. 2 feet of line with approx 6 hooks then wrap it in soaked bread and watch the fish foul hook themselves. Awful but they fished for their dinner.
  6. Ok I am torn between shakespeare mach and advanti RDX2 Pellet Waggler?
  7. Thanks guys for all advice gonna have a look at all that has been suggested
  8. Hi I am looking for a 12 foot float road for around the 30 quid mark. I will be targeting anything from roach rudd tench and carp up to about 12 lb Was hoping to use around 5lb line Any ideas? Cheeeersss
  9. Hey chaps. Gonna do some spinning tomo for perch at a local lake In bury stedmunds. Any tips spinners, shads,spoons,lures or dead baits. I will be using a trace as pike are proberly present.
  10. Awesome thanks, its mainly pike and perch I was aiming for.
  11. Any adice on rivers to fish near bury st Edmund's bar shippea hill?
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