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  1. I will be keeping my fingers crossed on a few counts. 1) to be invited again 2) for warmer weather than last year!! Thank you for the update Steve.
  2. My apologies also for a delayed post. I have been working far too hard! This was my first trip to Wingham and it certainly lived up to my expectations. Whilst the conditions were tough, several anglers proved that the fish were there to be caught if you could locate them and had the skills to tempt them. For a newcomer to Wingham, it's a steep learning curve but I absolutely loved the challenge. The Lake is a credit to Steve and the team that have put in many years of effort to creat a stunning natural environment for us to enjoy and also maybe catch a fish or two. My sincere thanks to all
  3. Educational Vagabond. I thank you!
  4. That is a truly stunning fish. That dark back is beautiful and what a rudder! We had a fully scaled in a lake I fished for many years that was a beauty. I never did catch it for myself. Congratulations.
  5. Hi there, I am not sure if this will be a little but too far for you but how about a Hampshire chalk stream? Like you, my fishing has to be in a natural environment. I am a keen specimen angler and have always had 'a thing' about large Roach. Have a look at this fishery: http://www.timsburyfishing.co.uk/coarse.html It is a beautiful stretch of the River Test with some beautiful fish. It is not easy but there are very good coarse fish to be had outside of the game season. There are huge Grayling and Roach. My personal best Roach of 2lb 9oz came from here although I know that t
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