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  1. Hello everyone, Thanks for taking thetime to read my post in the new memebers area. I'll get straight to the point. I am undertaking a range of research ahead of writing a new feature series all about our favourite sport. In order for my research to be validated I really need a minimum of 100 responses so if you could spare the time to answer any questions I post or polls etc then I would really appreciate it. Good answers may even feature in the series! Thanks again, tight lines. TTE
  2. Hello fellow anglers! I would really appreciate a couple of minutes of your time to help me with some research I'm doing ahead of writing a new feature series all about angling. Over the next few months I am will popping some questions up and your responses will really help. What I would like to know is: "If you could offer a new angler one top tip to help them with their fishing - what would it be?".. I need a minimum of 100 responses to validate the research so please help me out! thanks!
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